ok ok – you guys WIN! RoBear in Cannes

when i first saw these photos, i didn’t want to post them up because i already knew all the other blogs/sites would have already posted them. but due to popular demand, WHY THE HELL NOT? =P



HOWEVER, some of you may have not seen the video behind this photopress mayhem… so here it is… let us know what you think. talk about awwwwwwkward – i wonder what he was thinking the whole time??? my poor robear!!!!


6 responses to “ok ok – you guys WIN! RoBear in Cannes

  1. misslawncullen

    hahahahah… “ROBEARRR, CENTERRR PLEASE!!!” seriously?! poor rob

  2. Hot Guy OVERLOAD…must…look…away…to avoid spontaneous combustion! jk!

    I know you ladies probably already know but if you didn’t: http://www.upi.com/Entertainment_News/2009/05/20/Pattinson-booked-for-4th-Twilight-film/UPI-66481242829672/

  3. nice post dear.keep it up . i like you post vey much good work dear …i wish you get more visiter on your blog

  4. I know its part of the job…but yeah – poor thing, he looks so uncomfortable.
    But ooohhhhhh, after watching that video, as uncomfortable as he looks…I just have to say my usual nasty saying (that tends to make my g-friends roll there eyes)……..GIRL, I had to fan my nani!!

  5. he seriously need a beckoning call for moments like this.

    call me robert =P

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