I’m a sucker for sideburns

Move over Catalano & Morris, my man is the real deal when it comes to the bad boys of high school television. He had it all, the sideburns, a sexy scar, the porsche, and a drinking problem.

You know you all loved him, Dylan Mckay. (or for the real world Luke Perry)

I really wasn’t so all about Luke Perry, I mean he did that Buffy movie, and I wasn’t really feeling him in it. It was more about the Dylan character for me. Like if I had the chance to get him in bed, I’d make him role play 90210 scenes and be Dylan.


I totally hated Kelly & Brenda for BOTH getting to date him, but in the end I was happy to see Kelly win him over that skank Gina. Or the Halloween episode, when Brenda & Dylan were Bonnie and Clyde, ughhh I wanted to be his Bonnie! I loved when he’d run around all wet half naked in his wet suits after he finished his morning surf. I could recap episodes foreverrrrrr. I didn’t even mind when he had the drug problem, or when he got all crazy. I wanted to give him my shoulder to cry on.

I hate motorcycles, but I wanted to ride on his. I loved the scenes when he’d get off his bike, and he’d pull the helmet off and give this really sexy smirk.

The best thing ever was last year Target (for some odd reason) was selling 90210 tote bags. Yeah I bought one.

My obsession was crazy, and still is. Yeah, that’s right I STILL hold a candle to my love Dylan. So much that I watch 90210 reruns on the daily on the Soap channel, and when I miss them, I DVR. haha. crazy huh? Does anyone watch the new 90210 series? I only did for a little while because of the old cast, hoping they’d bring Dylan back. Apparently Kelly & Dylan did have a kid together, but of course he’s running around the world doing his own thing. There are a bunch of scenes where she talks to him on the phone, but ugh no cameo yet. I mean seriously, LUKE what are you doing with your life that you don’t want a little extra money?? I’m still crossing my fingers for next season.

I mean c’mon ladies….look at the two of them….
Are you surprised at how much I love RPatz?


7 responses to “I’m a sucker for sideburns

  1. bouffant vs bouffant – totally right on w/ dylan… dreamy…..

  2. misslawncullen

    i had a dylan poster in my room 🙂

  3. fuck i LOVED dylan too! man, i aint a playa i just crush a lot.


  4. i was actually more of a brandon bc dylan was way out of my league LMAO

  5. hahahahahahaha omfg. LOVE LOVE LOVED him. but i was a tad older when my crush for dylan formed so in my mind i SO wasnt a teeny bopper anymore haha. but omg his scar on his eyebrow and thsoe sideburns. and THAT look he always gives. bout to go and watch the 90210 dvd right now! p.s. i HATED kelly when she home wrecked dylan and brenda when she went to paris argh

  6. i relate to this so much it’s insane. however, i did love the buffy movie. but only because of him.

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