What shade is that?

So the New Moon poster has been released, and well….I dig it. I don’t mind that Edward is taking the limelight away from Jacob. Cause we all know that I could careless if Jacob is around or not. But something is a little odd about how RPatz is looking on the poster. So I decided to find a more zoomed in photo of him….and I realized what it was.


Does anyone else see it? or am I just crazy?
New Moon Poster HQ edward

Seriously, they need to holla at me to do their makeup work because they put it on a litttttle too thick on RPatz’s sweet sweet lips.

For real though, the only reason he should have that color on his mouth, is after kissing me.

(I can’t front though…that shade looks like it’d be nice for the fall.)


4 responses to “What shade is that?

  1. frick – LMAO! at least he’s not “glossy”…hahaha

  2. u know that looks like plum wine from revlon matter of fact … hahahahah

  3. I hadn’t noticed the lipstick. I was looking at other….parts of him.

  4. im sure they did it to bring out his features..like putting on eyeliner..ya know i mean the boy is kind of pale

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