My So Called Life

… I’m a bit late on the whole, “before there was RPatz” post but I had to let ya’ll know that MY boo back in the day could totally out swoon all the other dudes, TRUST!

If you haven’t already guessed it, I was all about Jared Leto aka Jordan Catalano from My So Called Life. Ohhhh man… the hair, the choker necklace (yeah, I was totally into it. Why? I dunno), the soft spoken voice… all of it!!!


I remember hating on Angela hard core for hookin’ up w/ Jordan. Like seriously… look at her and look at him?! WTF?! Come to think about it…she had a lot of similarities to Bella. Angie was the normal girl who soooo wanted and ended getting with the hot, rebellious, unattainable guy in school.

174926__jared_l copy

Fast forward almost 15 years, and I’ve moved on to R.Patz and although, Jared’s been rockin’ the emo / goth look nowadays, he’s still lookin’ mmmmmm mmmmmm Catalano-Good!!!


Right?! Dayuuumm men age well… lucky fucks!


9 responses to “My So Called Life

  1. love me some Jared Leto!

  2. Oh dear. I knew he had to come up at some point. How I loved Jordan.

  3. YES !!! finally someone put up the sexy jordan catalano. thanks misslawn

  4. I love Jordan Catalano, so much that I regularly watch reruns of MSCL. but I can’t stand present day Jared Leto. What is with all the eye makeup!?
    He needs to get back into a time machine to the 90s.

    oh andddddd, my friends exgf got hit on by him in NYC. cuhrazzy. she denied him though cause he had on crocs.

  5. omg JARED LETO IS MY GOD! i hated angela and her stupid red hair that smelled like oranges (i watched every single episode of this show, btw)

    but, i have to agree w/ betsey, i no like him in the present day. although, that GQ cover got him lookin saucy, i can do without the black eyeliner and the painted nails. OH AND THE CROCS. lol.

  6. OOMMGGG – so you know its rex’s bday this thurs – we’re totally going as “my so called life” – did vern tell you? LOL

    • misslawncullen

      waah wahhh whaaaat?!! no she didn’t tell me… who you gonna be? i wonder who’s gonna be rickey or jordan… ahhh, i can’t wait to see pics.

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