It’s all about ME

I used to be an avid thrift store shopper BUT I haven’t been up on my game for a loooong time. So this past weekend, my sister Florence (aka MilesMama) and I hit up a patio sale and a couple of thrift shops for some much needed shoppin. Usually, I find a gang of shit BUT this time, nothing, zip, zilch, nada…

That was, UNTIL….

dumm dahh dahh dahhhhhhh

I saw this necklace hanging on a mannequin!!!


Yeah, I know I can totally be into myself all the time sometimes but NO, I didn’t get it to let the world know that it’s all about ME and NO it’s not what my husband thought it was, 

“Why the fuck are you wearing a Marc Ecko necklace”

It stands for Misslawn + Edward Cullen… DUH!!! I love this necklace and I know I’m bound to get a lot of nasty looks but fuck it… at least I know and you know what it stands for, hehe!



3 responses to “It’s all about ME


  2. hahaha i love this

  3. “No need for a bag…I will wear it out” lol

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