hooold the wheel and DRIVE…

for doowa, there was jordan knight

before the edward cullen and rpatz obsession… for me, there was BRANDON wtfkn BOYD!

with them washboard abs, flawless skin, silky voice, wavy locks, long legs, mmm mm mmm mmm mmmmm! i had this poster (among probaly 5 incubus posters) in my room:


also – with those EYES? so innocent and cute??? OMG – just gooooogling his images brought back butterflies in my tummy! i’ve seen them in concert sooo many times and i’ve NEVER had a chance to meet them – and i ALWAYS make sure i get to meet the band i’m watching (bc we all know, i’m SUCH a groupie lol).

however, the closest i DID manage to get to him, was through his brother jason boyd of the former audiovent. turns out jason worked at this motion graphics design company my friend interned at. at the time i was doing sales for a clothing line called in4mation, diamond, and a few other side hustles. jason boyd had a clothing line that he needed help promoting and doing sales for. so i offered to help him out by providing a few… “head starts” lets just say lol. he was SUPER nice and we’ve exchanged several emails (maybe even a phone call?). which reminds me… i should hit him back up! ok ok ok – back to sexy BRANDON….





oh and then after that, my next obsession was apolo anton ohno – HAHAHAHAHHAHA! what??? musta been the muscles showing through them spandex… droooool


so – can you tell i have a thing for guys w/ dark hair? =P


9 responses to “hooold the wheel and DRIVE…

  1. Tello said you should go to Otis…so then you can meet brandon boyd…lol

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  3. Oh Girl….Yum! I dunno so much about apollo although he is a cutiel… but Brandon – OH YEAH, baby. You obviously have a thing for those (as we call it in HI) hapa-haoles. (half white/half asians)! LOVE THEM.
    Whats sick too is that my brother looks similar to brandon (yeah, all the good genes went to him) – so as hot as he is – i feel gross if I say more that he’s hot. no fantasies about this one…
    But hey…”Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there, with open arms…”

  4. whaaat?! ok suuuuuuper creey again. ONCE AGAIN….

    my #1 crush was BOYD TOO!!!!!!

    i went to every single concert/show they played in san diego cause my friend grew up with brandon and mike’s bros and i got to know their band. they used to hook me up with tix to all the incubus shows cause they knew my obsesh…i met brandon backstage once and he was DREEEAMY and super nice. i sheepishly asked him to draw on my jeans instead of a lame autograph and he TOTALLY obliged, which then prompted all the other members to scribble pics too! i still have them. oh and brandon gave me one of his pins!!

    i never grew up on nkotb or nsync or pretty boys but DAMN brandon boyd….ALWAYS.

  5. Me too!! But then they got corny…

  6. OMG!! I LOVE brandon and his voice it makes me swoon!! It’s soo crazy cause i just brought his albums out from the archives and have been listening to it NON STOP!!! CRAZY!!! You need to definitely hit his brother up!! CONNECTIONS!!

  7. dude, i still have a thing for brandonboyd. i want his art on my body. haha.

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