WTFancouver: The Lost Episode

I finally uploaded my pics from the Vancouver trip and came across this lil’ video of me and Rach attempting to distract ourselves from being so hungry on the way to breakfast.


Not only did we just build up more of an appetite, but we also got moded when the car to the left of us caught us in the act. Whatever, yall still ain’t got nothin on my … umm … whatever the hell u call that move where u fold your hands together and do a little roller coaster move haha. See? I told u we’re fun. A little goofy, kinda stupid, usually embarassing … but ALWAYS fun 🙂

P.S. I can’t fucking sleep.


3 responses to “WTFancouver: The Lost Episode

  1. Dude.

    I did not even have to scroll down to see that this was written by doowapretty.

    Pretty dope.

    You now have a recognizable writing style!


  2. OMG. omg omg. we are so moded. haha

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