wishful thinking…

more like wishful DREAMING that this shit would COME TRUEEEEEE

ok so i’m on the subway going home – and every time i hit the train back and forth to and from work – i MUST listen to my song: “Little Bit” by Lykke Li, but I like the version with Drake better…

first, LISTEN TO THE SONG (if you can… and sorry, its not a real video, but it was the easiest way for you to listen to it):

OK NOOOOWWWWW here’s where my “wishful thinking” plays part!

i ALWAYS imagine myself singing this song WITH ROB… on stage… during karaoke night… at some korean establishment with all our friends… drunk off soju.


so i start off singing, and he’s in a chair chillin right? then when the guy’s part comes on, he starts to stand up, with a mic in his hand and everyone starts to clap and cheer… then he starts to sing to me with my hand in his… – and i’m LMAO because he’s SO DAMN CUTE!

are you PICTURING IT??? ok good…


moving on…

when the guys part goes “not mine not mine not mine not miiine” – he does one of these moves: one hand on chest, his pout face on and a little side to side tilt action with his shoulders – you know, THAT move – GAAAH!

ok still with me???

he sings “its you i wanna take apart….” – UHM YEA! of COURSE he comes behind me and pretends to bite my neck! SAHWEEEET!

then my part: “a little bit, a little bit, a little bit in love witchooooo” – yea ok, i’m just singing and dancing like lykke li, looking all innocent and cut… but to top it off – I’M ALSO HITTING THE COWBELL.

oh oh! and i almost forgot! the RAP part is done by, well, me! since uhm, i dont want to ASSUME, buuuut i’m pretty sure rob can’t really rap, so i’ll do it up for the both of us and bust out the lyrics with the ill steeze son!


old pic of me when had betty page bangs and extensions... not to mention i was wasted singing iron maiden =P

old pic of me when had betty page bangs and extensions... not to mention i was wasted singing iron maiden =P

now i know i’m not the only one with a crazy imagination – share YOURS with us!

14 responses to “wishful thinking…

  1. I love it! Lykke Li is the sheeeit. So tight.

  2. Omg jess. I’m choking on my dinner. Hahahaha.

  3. Long live YOUR dream!!! Loved it.

  4. killer imagination! Rob would sound adorable singing drake’s part and the bite part is PERFECT for that line.

    I LOVE this post. This song is forever on my morning wake up playlist and i LOVE Drake since he was looking like curious george on degrassi.

  5. did u guys see the official new moon poster that leaked?!?! > http://i41.tinypic.com/1zr2p2d.jpg

  6. have you guys seen the leaked poster yet?

  7. Lmao!! This dream is so awesome and mine is pretty lame in comparison cause I haven’t really thought it through yet. Here it goes…

    My dream is that I would be at some random cafe practicing a song on my guitar (I don’t really play but I plan on taking lessons this summer… Mostly so I can have something to talk about when I finally meet rob… Yes I am robsessed). Then… Rob walks by and is immediately impressed with my ability to play so well. We then have a mini jam session and end with the both of us singing our rendition of such great heights. Soooo lame! I know.

  8. omg jess. i feel a little less dorky for owning a rubberband ball now. lmao.

  9. this whole post was adorable.

  10. Okay…seriously girl – you need to talk to yo’ man about getting his “penelope” on now! haha, u just never know it could so be real when he comes to visit you in NY. hahaha
    you are the cutest…but may i suggest since you have a little rock in you (i see you rockin’ the iron maiden)…to make it more realistic…practice Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon, his fav band. Just for variety in your dream.
    BTW – to ditty – a rubberband ball is dee biggity-bomb girl! I have one of all twisty ties from Baggies boxes and trash bags…i feel to guilty dumping them, so I create “art” hahahaha!!

  11. Omg i never heard this song before buti have fallen in love with it!
    its just perfect to sum up bella and edwards relationship.
    and i have to say that drea could quite possibly be the coolest dream ever, love it!

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