u dont have to be perfect, love…

..as long as ur willing to learn” – estelle.

Zac Cullen?  NEGATORY.

Zac Cullen? NEGATORY.

according to a recent article,  our beloved RPatz called himself an “arrogant prick” for auditioning for the role of Edward, and that he could only imagine someone like Zac Efron playing the perfect man.

 ZAC EFRON?  um.  how about… NO.  could u IMAGINE? *excuse me while i choke myself with the High School Musical DVD*

“The Edward in the book is like an enigma of everything that’s perfect about a man. It’s like, ‘He walked into a room and it hurts to see how beautiful he is.’ It’s just kind of embarrassing.”

it hurts to see how beautiful he is“.. honey babe.  thats how we feel about YOU.   *sigh*


6 responses to “u dont have to be perfect, love…

  1. Ewwwww. Sorry but Zac is a little too cookie cutter, if you know what I mean. Just too much of a teeny-bopper.

    RPattz, on the other hand, now he is someone that you want to throw around the bedroom and pull his hair… or maybe that’s just me. 🙂

  2. all those in favor of showing Rob just how perfecto he is say “aye”.


  3. Oh goodness…how right you are. That is how we feel about him..it does hurt me (sometimes right in the groin area, heehee) to see how beautiful he is.
    I will be nice though and say Zac is a cute, “little” boy.

  4. AYE!

    Rob and his references to Zac. I believe somewhere on the commentary on the Twilight DVD he says something about “where’s Efron?”

    I don’t think Zac would give Edward the same effect. Zac is someone you wanna bring home to Mom and Dad. Robert is someone mom and dad will tell you to stay away from, but of course you won’t listen anyway =P.

  5. there was something in a magazine that was comparing rpatz and zac efron. lol

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