… what we’ve got here!!!

Well, it’s the New Moon movie poster of course. And no it’s not a fan-made poster… it’s the real deal.

nm poster

Do you like it? Yay or Nay?!

Personally, I think they could’ve done better with it… shit, I could’ve made a better poster than that, which gets me thinking…

If I were to have made our own version of the poster how would I have made it?


Well first of all, I would’ve made it more dark and somber to reflect the mood of Bella. She’s supposed to be freakin’ depressed cuz the love of my her life straight up bounced.

Secondly, I hate to say it but I would’ve put Edward at the back not forefront. I think putting him at the front of the poster was a marketing ploy to make us R.Patz obsessed fans happy BUT dayuuuumm… they’re straight up stealing Jacob’s thunder.

And last I would’ve put myself in the poster instead of K.Stew, haha!


13 responses to “Lookie-lookie…

  1. pi-tooey.

    that’s supposed to be the noise of me spitting on it lol. it’s aiiiiiite.

    don’t get me wrong, it looks aesthetically nice but just doesn’t quite capture the essence of new moon the way i see it. asides from the obvious love triangle.

    i’ve seen a few fan made posters i liked better.

  2. also – it’s totally not convincing me that jacob has grown into this gi-normous shape-shifter dude. lol.

  3. You know what is really wack? That WTForks?! logo in the middle.

    WTH is WTForks?!


  4. yea – uhm… still not loving edward’s bouffant in this look… UGH THE SIDEBURNS why so fkn elvis???

    anyway – bleh… could have been better – but ain’t that always the case? lol

  5. yea, i don’t really dig it. i feel like jacob’s in an awkward position…and they’re in total height order…it looks weird. maybe i’m just bias because i’m team edward and i’d rather bella be with edward than jacob. lol

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  7. Honestly, I believe they should have put Rob somewhere other than the front. Even though I am so Team Edward. I think it is Jacob’s turn to be in the spotlight, plus it needs to be a little darker!!

  8. They should’ve made Bella look hella more depressed. Like she is about to cut her wrists or um…Let’s say, jump off a frickin’ cliff. C’mon, too sexy in my opinion to capture the essence.
    But always lovin’ edward!

  9. hehe…TEAM JACOB! i like it..cuz i LOVE HIM!

  10. This one is STILL my fave. Maybe they couldve put the silouette of a wolf at Bella’s feet and Edwards eyes in the sky as a dream image watching over her. but either way i still like it better than the real poster.


  11. They should have had her in the middle or (lets see if you can picture this)
    edward is walking one direction(looking away) and one hand is leaving Bella’s grasp while she’s walking away in the other direction with Jacob (shes looking back at edward depressed and confused i.e dont leave me)

  12. to me that signifies his leaving and the triangle with jacob

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