Jackson fixed my Monday

Monday seriously killed my life today. I dunno what it was, but UGHHHHH totally had a case of the Mondays. I couldn’t find any sort of remedy to escape this funk either. I’m sure some of you can relate. I took a little break from the wonderful interweb, and cleaned the house, took some photos, and ran errands. So finally around 830pm I decided to come back to life and start checking up on the happenings of the internet world for the past 24 hours. Although I couldn’t find much to hold my attention, there was something that did make me smile. . .

Jackson Rathbone! In all his spiked up mohawk glory!
Hate on ladies…..but I still lalalalove him even with the wild ‘do.
jackson+fauxhawkoh and those glasses! eeeeep eeeeep.


7 responses to “Jackson fixed my Monday

  1. this man is sex on legs


  3. look at those dimples ❤

  4. he’s so cute. he reminds me of a young johnny depp circa edward scissorhands.

  5. I love Jackson. He is so adorable:)

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