goodbye, Van!

its official.  they’ve wrapped up shooting in Vancouver.   so i’m sorry to anyone else out there who is planning on making a trip to stalk the set or hopefully run into the cast…   cuz you laggin assess took too long. u snooze u lose! 

unless… you guys wanna go to italy cuz i’m ALL FUCKIN FOR IT.  que bellisima!   

13 more days till the preview for new moon gets shown on MTV.  i dont think i’ve ever been excited for a preview?  i didnt even know movie previews had release dates!   anyways…    its all a waiting game now… and  i am the most anxious. 

RPATz saying goodbye to Van

RPATz saying goodbye to Van


5 responses to “goodbye, Van!

  1. uhm – hmmmm i need to find a job that allows me to travel more… hmmmm

  2. im gunna waite for tht to hit youtube…lol i refuse to sit threw tht awards show ha

  3. yes, please. take me to tuscany. do you think they speak twitalian over there?

  4. does anybody know what newspaper the new moon add is gunna be in.?

  5. does anyone know in which city in tuscany, italy they are shooting?

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