Desperately Seeking Martina, Part Deux

I recently started following Martina on twitter and I swear, almost every time I read one of her tweets, twits, twats… ugh whatever you call it, I immediately hit up Yoshi on BBM with the following text:

“OMG, did you just see Martina’s tweet, twit, twat?!”

She’s either running into someone from the cast OR taking a pic with someone in the cast… and not just anybody like Mike Welch (not that I think he’s a nobody… WTFly ladies love us some Mike), she’s actually rubbin’ elbows with K.Stew, T.Lautner and our dear R.Patz. Gaaaaaahhhh!!!

Picture 10


Ok, can someone please tell us what Martina has that we don’t have?! Martina gurrrlll… if you’re reading this, you MUST give us some tips. Paaahhhleaaase?!


4 responses to “Desperately Seeking Martina, Part Deux

  1. damn this girl must have twi-dar er something
    she’s doin it and doin it well!

  2. ommmgg!!! hahahhahahaha! (ps. i sent her our questions for the q/a for our new site hehehe) but yo – FOR REAL MARTINA!!!!??? damnit! we need to move to vancouver… oh wait, they’re leaving soon and he’s coming here! muwahhahahaa

  3. Seriously,
    I think she must have a hook-up somewhere or must be the daughter of like their caterer or stuntman or I dunno.
    no fair…i’m so hating right now! haha

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