WWUD: if…

so the other day i was talking to the bf about this crazy vivid dream i had. i’ll spare you the details as i’ve already shared with the WTFly ladies – and trust me – it was DETAILED.

however, unlike the rest of the ladies’ dreams, mine was purely innocent, fun, and non sexual – AHEM!

basically rob and i became bff’s over a discussion of track bikes and my ability to do wheelies (yea, i know you’re dying for more details, but that’s all i’m sharing).

the conversation lead to me asking the bf, “sooo…. if i had the opportunity to meet rob and take him out to some dive bars in the city and shit, would you let me?” (i continued that because of the dream i had, i was SURE it would only lead to bff-ship.)

he looked at me all craze and laughed at me and asked, “would YOU let ME hang out with some chick celebrity?”


what would you guys/gals do if you were in my situation? would you say “sure, go ahead and hang with penelope cruz – show her a grand ole time!” ? (i chose penelope bc she actually frequents the place he works at – grrrrr)

*sidenote: i’m STILL certain that rob and i will become bff’s once i find him here in ny this summer lol

0410_robert_pattinson copy


8 responses to “WWUD: if…

  1. HaolepinoGirl

    That’s why you have the top 5 celebs rule (learned from an old Friends episode). If ever the chance to meet, greet and hang (or more) with one of those top 5, then it doesn’t count towards ruining the relationship!so I can have my Johnny Depp or Rob & my husband can have his Natalie Portman or Jessica Alba. Everyone knows that celebs don’t have time for the real life shit anyway…so it would be a nice Wham, Bam, thank you ma’am per se and then back to reality once they are back in their papparazzi filled Hollywood life. Of course, this is coming from a chic who lives on a rock in the middle of the ocean where celebs come around rarely and when they do they go to the most secure and obscure places but NY…u have more of a real chance of that! Girl, let him get his “Penelope” on…then no complaining and whining when Rob comes for you! Haha! Good topic!

  2. ^she worded it perfectly for me lol.

    besides, it’s not like your giving up your soul to him lol. if celebrities can do hot sex scenes and be married, why can’t you or your boyfriend just hang with a celeb? and even tho the hot sex scene is technically work, what if you had to meet with rob for work?

  3. ooook ok ok – i’ll see if that will slide =)

  4. We need to re-group.

  5. ok so i was ABOUT to ask the bf about the whole – free pass at celebs deal – but i COULD NOOOOT get it out of my mouth!!!! i tried to just blurt it out, but i seriously could not force the words to roll off my tongue! i’ll have to prep for this one… i’ll keep you posted.

    i’m probably gonna have to keep this under wraps until i get caught by the bf when he sees me on TMZ chillin with the homie Rob puwahahhaha!

  6. My husband and I have the same agreement as the other girl on here. We also got it from friends. They are celebrities, they never stick with someone forever. So a fling, I say go for it. Rob is number one on my cheat list. 🙂

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