yo yo yo! Happy Friday! i’m exhausted. but i’m ready to get this weekend startedddddddd! show us what ur doin today!




last night i met a WTForks reader!!! (i’m sorry i forgot your name but i remember you’re josie’s homegirl! *update – is it julie?? hehe CHA!!! thanks for showing us love and repping NY hard!!! =)


*sidenote: got to meet some of misslawn’s homettes – BEAT FREAKS (don’t mind my friends in the back lol)



Because my boss decided to come in early today I can’t get away with taking any cute, fun pics so this will have to do. As you can see there are many sides to the WTFly ladies. Some sides that we probably should NEVER, EVER show to the public. Like the side of me that was excited to start one of these babies. What’s worse than being a grown ass woman who’s in love with a fictional ass vampire? Being a grown ass woman who owns a rubberband ball.


misslawn cullen

TGI-muh-fuckin-F?! i’ve finished my work, unpacked all our boxes and bumpin’ the twilight soundtrack… can i BE more happy?!

Photo 55


Betsey J

what a Friday. luckily work ended early cause I’m a verrrrry tired girl.
so happy that it’s finally the weekend.
Photo 302


SHOUT OUT to Marina lol



8 responses to “TGIForks?!

  1. ain’t nothin wrong with a rubberband ball!

  2. jess her name is CHA!! I totally thought you were talking about someone else..OOpPS my bad YO!!

  3. misslawn where did u get those hella fly glasses?

    • misslawncullen

      hey chaz… they’re Super glasses. i got them at my showroom but you can get them at Barney’s, American Rag… umm, i guess it depends on where you live. but you can just google Super glasses. hope that helps 🙂

  4. sweet thanks.. i feel like they r going to cost a ton..lmao Barney’s…lol girl im a broke ass babe living in San Fran..we be struggling..haha

    thanks suga

  5. yoshi! it’s me CHA! nice meeting you at the neil armstrong event! i wonder how many “hi, i read your blog” approaches you’ve had by now. hahaha. i’m back in SD now and miss NY!

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