Guys do read Twilight!


This morning I was put onto a new Twilight blog, and I’m so loving it!
And the biggest surprise of all, the blogger is a dude!

Kaleb is a 20 something student who has decided to take on reading the Twilight saga, and blogging about it. So why is he reading this?

“I may be one of the first guys to read Twilight and actually admit it. But I’m only doing it as research and not because I’m curious. At least, that is my alibi.”

Check out The Twilight Guy

ps. apparently after sharing my excitement about this blog with Jess, I deserve a late pass. Apparently I’m the last person to find out about him. hahah. ohhh well. I love him, and I am about to spend some hours this weekend dedicated to catching up on his old entries.


One response to “Guys do read Twilight!

  1. misslawncullen

    helloooowww betseyj where you been gurrrll?! he’s like THE twilight guy. me and josie actually saw him at the dvd release at borders LA

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