careful what u wish for.

so we talk alot about how we want our very own vampire.   we talk about what we’d do if Edward cullen were ours.    if we had our own love story like this…  but i’d like to bring the daydreamin to another level.

lets bring edward cullen…  well, not THE EDWARD, but umm..  abi’s Schmedward.. into my life, forreal…   cuz i’d like to see how well we mesh.

1.  i HATE being stared at.   so i think i’d ask him if i had something in my teeth and be hella annoyed about it.  “the fuck u lookin at?”

2. i’m filipina (mostly).  so i like being tan.    we’d completely look like ebony and ivory together… idk if i’d be able to tell where his skin ends and my white sheets on my bed begin.   turn off? 

3.  watching me sleep.   can i say CUHRAZY.?  i’m sorry.. real talk, if someone FORREAL snuck into my house to watch me sleep i’d fuckin put a restraining order on his ass.   so help me god, if i dont shoot him with the gun under my bed first.

4. i’m a scary ass.  “Are you afraid?” would be answered with “HELL FUCKIN YEAH I AM” 

so, after careful consideration, i think i’ll keep Edward Cullen in my fantasies.  cuz real talk, even if i did meet anyone like him, i’d be too scary and paranoid to give him the time of day. 

how bout u guys??!


12 responses to “careful what u wish for.

  1. OMG !! LMAO!!

    Honestly I cannot hold back the laughs at work !!
    I agree with the whole watching me while i sleep and the constant stare.

  2. AMEN to this post especially ebony and ivory.

    being that i am also filipino, my parents would NEVER let him get away without eating first.

  3. lmao leave shmedward fullen along!

    and seeee that’s why unless u ARE edward cullen u can never BE edward cullen ‘cuz more than half the shit he does wouldn’t be accepted as romantic or passionate by us if it was SOMEBODY else that did it.

    oh edward!

  4. OMG! frickin’ hilarious Raaachem! Haha, so agree with the scary ass shit. I’d be all acting hard like “What the f*@$, scared of what?!” But really inside, i’d be shittin’ my pants.
    Yeah, and the filipina thing (yes, I am half visayan) – after my mom were to interrogate my “Edward”, he’d be the one who’d be scared. That’s why I had to marry another filipino boy, he knew what to expect! hahaha

  5. oh my god this is HILARIOUS.

  6. LOL LOL i was thinking this when i was watching the movie..i was ashamed i cringed at all the creepy staring (i hate ppl staring too!) scences…in the book its not creepy bcz its how you imagine it!

  7. LMAO!! for real. I would prob be right there with ya.

  8. misslawncullen

    hahahahah… rach’ you are fuckin’ hilarious and soooo right at the same time.
    i get pissed and/or annoyed when anybody even my hubby stares at me too long. so i dunno how i’d deal w/ shmedward long deep stares.

    i always laugh at the scene when he introduces himself to bella in biology class and she turns away to look at the teacher but he’s still staring at her hard core. if that were me, i’d be like, “WTF?!”

  9. I’m a pretty pale half-filipina, but I don’t sparkle so I can’t see how that would work.

    A little OT, but any fans still in Vancouver? I’m here until Sunday and all by myself and would love to meet some other peeps .

  10. ok ok ok – i’ll say it – DAMN RIGHT HE BETTER BE WATCHING ME SLEEP! idk. i guess i’d really LOVE an EC in my life because can i BE any more vain? he says he wants to be allll about me? aite BET. i ain’t gonna argue with that!


  11. First time commenter, longtime lurker. Came out of lurkdom to say hell to the yes, I would be severely disturbed if a guy did any of the above to me, especially watching me sleep. (shudders, and not in a good way!)

  12. see…this is why he falls in love with Bella and not with any of the rest of us silly girls!!! We aren’t special enough..hee hee…

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