life before TWILIGHT?

misslawn brought up a VERY good point about how our lives have been MUCH altered by twilight. seriously, WTF. i can’t even FATHOM how i got through my days WITHOUT it??? can you???

check it, my daily routine:

  • wake up, check my bberry for new messages/emails
  • get out of bed and go straight to laptop
  • open 5 windows: 1) gmail, 2) whattheforks admin, 3) wtf blog, 4) twitter (both personal and WTF)
  • check comments and latest posts from the night on WTF and reply to some and leave some comments
  • take a shower and get ready while listening to lykke li AND the twilight soundtrack
  • before i head out, check all open windows again to see if there are any new messages
  • once i get to work i open (keep in mind, i have TWO monitors): 1) entourage for work, 2) work app, 3) the previous 5 windows from this morning, 4), 5) adventuresofyoshi, 6) facebook, 7) other misc twilight blogs
  • once i get situated the emails start to come in from the other WTFly ladies – seriously, we’re on our shit – we email AT LEAST 10x’s a day to each other… AT LEAST.
  • work on my projects for my job and blog on all my sites – ESP on WTF
  • get off work and i go home and the routine starts all over.
  • in the middle of the night i check my bberry too – call it anxiety if you will – possibly hoping that rpatz or kstew will have emailed us?

ok – how the HELL did i live before WTF and Twilight??? it surrounds me EVERY SINGLE day!

what about you???


7 responses to “life before TWILIGHT?

  1. Life before Twilight….lets see,there was none!!!! lol my life consisted of school, home, bed and food..thts pretty much it o_O

  2. I mention this in my very first blog post (sorry sooo long!):

    My work routine consists of checking the latest gossip/info on anything Robert Pattinson and Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn related. Followed by running thousands of scenarios on how I will meet Robert Pattinson and how we’ll manage to fall in love. *sigh* I’ve probably watched and listened to every television and radio interview, read every news article, blog, gossip column, you name it. I’m sure I’ve Googled his name a million times…Mind you, that this All takes place at work, as if my day isn’t complete and I cannot function without it. Then after a few hours of “research,” I set up my iPod that has the free Twilight movie download from iTunes (Thanks Target!) and begin to play it whilst I work diligently to catch up with my work that I’ve put off doing. At this point in time, I CANNOT work WITHOUT the Twilight movie playing. I don’t even have to watch it, I just have to hear it in the background.

  3. Was there a life before twilight?? i mean… i’m still a undercover twilight lover. The hubby thinks its gay, but i still ask him to bite me everyonce in a while. HA, TMI… annyyy whooo… it’s so bad. even one of my kids, knows that taylor lautner who plays Shark Boy from the movie Shark boy and lava girl is Jacob Black from twilight. Yea, he’s six. haha… i really had NO life before this…. it’s scary. i have no idea when or even if this flame for twilight will ever go down…(never!!!muahaha)

    so i totally went off topic… Anyway- wake up- get the kids ready- get coffee- drop off the kids- get to work early so i can read a bit- then check websites for twilight updates- then read- then maaayyybe i’ll open some work related programs- don’t want anyone getting suspicious… -open itunes to have twilight playing in the background… like all day… i swear i still watch that movie like i’ve never seen it! – get off work- get the kids- btw twilight soundtrack all up in the car everyday all day! haha- go home- feed the kids- tell the hubbahubba what i found out about twilight today- till he gets irritated…”did you know that..” haha – then i check “emails” aka twilight updates! HAHA it’s scary…-then sleep and dream of twilight… ::sigh::

  4. OH MY GOD!! I DONT FEEL ALONE!!! i was just telling lanie last weekend that my days have altered ever since this book!!! Both blogs …hellz and forks are the first two i open up before i start my day…oh and facebook and myspace!! hahaha …ALSO its so crazy how that soundtrack can change the mood of the day as well…Ohhhhh BOY this book has changed all of our lives…but in the best way possible!! =)

  5. Oh Gosh…ditto to all of you.
    Can I just tell you that I’m just waiting to get fired by my boss because of how less productive I am these days? My boss must think I’m so concentrated when she walks into my office during the day…little does she know, i’m staring at the WTF?! and maybe one or two other blogs all about TWILIGHT!! not to mention waiting for new tweets and updates from facebook.
    Not trying to sound like a brown-noser, girls, but i will re-phrase title and say “life before WTF?!”, it was boring.

    Also, to TENknee – my son, Lennon, who is 9 years old BTW, so in love with Kristen since Twilight – he watches the movie “Catch that Kid” constantly! My little romeo.

  6. LOL dang Jess… yes i find I come straight to the laptop in the morning and am on it all day doing the same thing only for different sites. I used to sleep with the phone in my room and checked emails while in bed but I had to stop that. I’m gonna try giving up technology one day a week. this HAS to stop…

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