Give a guy some space

Every morning I wake up and go through the same routine of checking up on the blogs, mostly Twilight related ones first. So this morning as I’m reading I saw there were some RPatz sightings due to his birthday dinner. And as I’m flipping through the pictures I start to notice something that struck a weird nerve with me.

Go see the rest of the pics HERE

If you look at the photos, you’ll notice a few things:
1. camera all up in his face
2. the woman His Mom this woman, could be his Mom, is grabbing very tightly onto him as he’s trying to get out of the situation
3. the fact that he looks like he’s trying to run and escape down those stairs with the help of the staff

So my initial reaction after seeing these was something along the lines of “wow really, I’m so glad I wasn’t THAT girl when I met him” Yes, I’m sure it’d be nice to have a picture with RPatz, but honestly who wants a photo with a celebrity looking like a crazed maniac while they look scared for their life? Not me, but apparently these fans are ok with that.

And honestly going into the trip I really didn’t know how I’d react if I did see him while in Vancouver. But when the moment came, I really couldn’t think of anything to do but say hi and smiling. Even if the security guards had let us take out our cameras, I didn’t find it appropriate to start snapping photos of them while they’re just trying to enjoy a night out with their friends. And despite how close he and I were, there was no point that I even considered grabbing him.

Now I’m sure a lot of you are thinking, well he’s a celebrity; he knew what he was getting himself into. Ok that’s fine and all; I understand there is a level of privacy that any celebrity has to deal with giving up. But they’re also humans, and there is a level of respect that people should have for them while they’re trying to get through normal daily activities. I could understand snapping photos on the set, or at a convention, but while he’s just trying to enjoy a meal?

I mean seriously, the dude is just trying to go out to dinner with his friends/cast mates on his birthday. And I know there are a thousand ways to dispute what I’m saying, “well then he should’ve just had a private party at his hotel, he knew people would swarm”. So the dude should stay locked up in his hotel room 24hours a day unless filming? Get real.

After seeing the photos…I just really felt bad for him and had to express my opinions. Too each their own.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

**EDIT 4pm: the woman holding onto him is actually his mom. Thanks to Laura for the info! Regardless, she’s still holding tightly onto him to get him outta that swarm of fans.

**EDIT 8am: ok so nobody is totally sure if its his mom or not. Some say yes, Some say no. So she’s either grabbing him to get the hell out of that situation, or grabbing onto him like a freak.


15 responses to “Give a guy some space

  1. kudos – and thank GAWD you and lawn kept your cool backstage =)

  2. …poor guy always has a hood on too. =(

  3. Couldn’t agree more!! He looks terrified and that lady looks crazy like she wants to steal him away!!

  4. That lady in the picture is his mother by the way…..

  5. i don’t think thats his mom? i saw that one Ellen De Genres show where he pointed out that his parents dancing… i don’t think thats the same lady… 😉

  6. I know – poor thing. You know what makes me even more sad sometimes too besides the “in-person” interaction, is some of the frickin’ stories in the mags.
    I was at the gym, forgot my book to read while on the treadmill, so just picked up some old Life & Style mag from the rack because I saw his face on the cover. I usually would read the stories in the gossip mags, but I did…and it kind of disgusted me. About how he is loving his fame and bangs movie extras during lunch hour, etc. Although I know its all rumors and gossip (and seriously even if it was true), it’s still sad that brotha can’t have it normal at ALL.
    All this blabbering as a response – my point again – poor thing!!

  7. Sorry – CORRECTION to my earlier response: I usually WOULDN’T read the stories in the gossip mags.
    It’s better to read the blogs sometimes, esp. WTF?! haha.

  8. I totally agree with what your saying when they started filming new moon and I have noticed how all the fans find out were they are even when they go out and eat and still disturb them
    The only thing I would ask from the fans that they should give him a break once and while

  9. Definetly, i feel bad for him, having all those crazed fans all over him. But, being a celebrity in all, you gotta know that ‘ crazed fans ‘ is part of the package deal. ;]

    & Karen i totally agree with you. They should give him a break, im guessing he would want to eat in peace once in a while.

  10. Sorry… but I can offer no sympathy.

    There was a time when I went through the same… wore a hood everywhere that I went as well. I was warned about what I was getting into beforehand so while I hated that life… I knew that no longer having privacy came with the territory.

    The truth is that people are odd when it comes to celebrities. There have been many times that I have seen someone who is a public figure out and about… and if I do not know them… I go on my way.

    Honestly though, most would not do the above. Even if a person is not sitting down to have dinner but simply standing in an elevator or on the street corner, most are not going to let the opportunity pass them by.

    How many times are you going to “run into” or see RPatz in your life?

    And that is what fuels the major majorities actions.

    The above may seem as if they are not obtrusive scenarios, but I see “normal” folk getting upset when someone asks them for the time while waiting to cross the street.

    If you saw him tomorrow and he was eating… perhaps some of you would be respectful enough to glance and keep it moving…

    But most would not.

    I cannot feel sorry for him.

    Not because of the excuses in your post… but because I have experienced it.

    And I left the industry because of it.

    (Well, the portion of it where my presence and face had to be shown)

    Problem solved.

  11. I totally agree with what you are saying and yet here we are.

    As a Canadian and a person near to Vancouver I was hoping he would find some measure of peace here considering we are known as polite respectful people. Alas, I was wrong it is any different from Hollywood???

    Yes I like to read and hear of news items related to new moon simply because it is being filmed near my home but not to extent that makes him uncomfortable. It actually makes me angry when the paps/ fans shove cameras in his face.

    Yet here we are and by looking at blogs wanting information are we not inviting it?

    I am sorry Rob. I hope you find some quite time with your family outside in beautiful Vancouver

  12. Love what you write and how you write it. Thank you for your perspective, some people definately go over the Fan to Stalker hill. Poor bastards 🙂

  13. great perspective!

    yeah, i don’t think that is his mom. she was shown on ellen dancing and that is not the same woman,

  14. That girl in the picture isn’t his mom. It’s apparently this girl.
    This lj entry kind of confirms it since they are friends.
    The poor guy looks scared.

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