twilight vs star trek

Repost from our girl krisYEE.   very very interesting question.   (btw, can i have them both, cuz they is FINE.)

So this article on E! was titled “Are Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto the New Rob Pattinson?”

Picture 5

UMM…I think NOT. I’m not saying I like one more than the other, BUT…I like them in different ways. Plus…for me at least…this is only between Chris Pine and R.Patz. (Sorry Zach, you’re always just going to remind me of Spock)

I thought Chris Pine was HOT back when he was in the movie Just My Luck (which I own on dvd) w/ Lindsey Lohan and then again in The Princess Diaries 2. Aside from being as hot as he is, he’s a pretty amazing actor. He was also in Smokin’ Aces (the lead bash brother) and of course his role as Kirk in this year’s Star Trek movie definitely put him out there. He’s your all American boy type of guy.

R. Patz of course is the hottest vampire EVER and I’m sure all Twilight fans, including myself, wouldn’t mind getting bit by him. Also, who doesn’t love a guy with a British accent? Ugh. AND he sings, plays guitar and piano?! I come from a family where all of us kids were in band and had music lessons, so I ❤ me a guy that’s musically inclined. Plus I fall asleep to his songs Never Think and Let Me Sign almost every night cause his voice just soothes me! I do love that grungy look that R.Patz pulls off.

I would definitely have a hard time with this one.

So who would you choose? R.Patz or Chris Pine?


17 responses to “twilight vs star trek

  1. RPATZ FO’ LIFE! until of course CHANNING TATUM COMES ON BOARD – then i’m jumping the boat and hopping onto TEAM RILEY

  2. zach just makes me think of Sylar from Heroes…and Sylar is a scary motherEffR!!

    i’ll take a Rpattz-Burger with a side of Chris Pine Thanks!

  3. No Contest. R. Patz 4 Eva.

  4. don’t forget, channing’s gonna be in G.I Joe!

  5. RPatz always.

    1. Zach just reminds me of that dude from Heroes and he’s so not hot. whats with the combover and eyebrows? no thanks.

    2. Chris Pine is SO boring. He looks like every typical Abercrombie model white dude.

    • LipsLikeSugar

      TOTALLY agree with you. I can’t get past Zach’s eyebrows, and Chris is waaaay too clean cut for my liking. RPatz 4 Life fool!

  6. Chris Pine the new Robert? No Effin Way. More like the next wanna be Matt Damon

    Our darling Robert for the win<3

  7. R. Pattz fo’sho. I’m too much in love with Rob’s personality. He makes me all giggly!

  8. Okay seriously, I have to say that Chris is great looking but due to the all-american-ness of him, he should be more comparable to Zac Efron.

    Robert is on a whole ‘nother sophistication level for me….
    1 point for patz.

  9. i think if r. patz was never edward cullen, the obvious answer would be chris pine. matter of fact, i don’t think r. patz would be getting this much play PERIOD if he wasn’t our beloved edward. ultimately though i still pick r. patz. chris pine is handsome but so not my type. too typical. r. patz even though he looks deranged and drugged up sometimes, has an “oomph” to him. holler!

  10. LOL ah ha ha ha…. um Rpattz. forever. the other guy is just standard pretty boy. ROBERT is without doubt the most amazing guy ever! you can dress him up or dress him down. have you seen how FUN he is? he laughs all the time in interviews etc. its freaking great. he never takes anything serious. i so heart you.

    He channels a little Elvis, some James Dean, he is the ultimate cool. and he has the HOTTEST british accent and he can play piano, guitar and sing. and he is MOTHER F*CKING edward cullen. there is one edward. one robert. the end. and he came out of nowhere. and took the world by storm. amen.

  11. I’m a Rob and Zach girl!! muah muah~~

  12. my bf and i just watched Star Trek yesterday and right when we got out he said…”that was so good, just like Twilight. I’m gonna start a blog called What the Sporks.” (sarcastically of course)


  13. Defiantly Chris! RPattz is hot…..but, not hotter!

  14. Chris Pine ftw.

    Chris Pine gets to be captain of a huge starship.

    Robert Pattinson gets to be a sparkling vampire… oh how hot?

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