twilight: the link to mankind

bahahhahahahha! sorry for the lame title, i was watching the star trek movie last night…

ANYWAY – yesterday was a slew of events! can i just say that twilight makes the world go round??? for serious – i’ll give you a couple of examples:

yesterday i’m like reading through comments and shit and one in particular stood out. so i decided to hit that person up and turns out that:

  • she was the missing link to our missbehave coverage
  • she lives in brooklyn and works RIGHT UP THE BLOCK FROM ME
  • we share a common friend (probably MORE than one, but this coming from facebook lol)
  • her hubby went to school in my hometown (and probably knows all my friends from back home)
  • (by the way, we’re on our way to becoming bff’s this summer LOL)

also yesterday, i twittered something from my personal twitter (yoshi_fatlace) something about how i wanted my boyfriend to come back from japan already (he’s on a skateboarding tour right now – lucky fkr). and then i get:

  • a random @ reply from a girl who follows both WTF’s twitter and my personal twitter saying that she grew up with my BF
  • she started mentioning ALL of their friends from their hometown
  • she and her other friends will be launching their twi-site soon so keep an eye out!

AND THEN something else happened yest. i get an email from this girl who’s blog i read. my friend showed me her blog bc we shared a LOT of common interests and our blogs (one of my other ones) were very similar. so…

  • she hits me up and told me how she found my personal blog and recognized me from the WTForks blog (she’s a closet fan of twilight)
  • not only do we have the same interests, but we also share a TON of common friends! like a SHITLOAD…
  • and a bunch of other random crazy shit that transpired through conversation…

ok ok ok – POINT BEING???

BEING A TWILIGHT FAN AND BEING COOOOOL IS MORE COMMON THAN WE THINK! so people – don’t be ashamed to walk around with your twilight tote bag – fuck it! ROCK IT WITH YOUR TEAM EDWARD/JACOB TEE TOO!

do you guys have any fun stories meeting other twi-fans?


5 responses to “twilight: the link to mankind

  1. omg. twilight is wonderful…

    bringing the world together, one groupie at a time. LMAO!

  2. oh hmm…I’m pretty sure I just got back from a trip that resulted in making 8 new friends cause of Twilight. haha.

  3. i totally read all the twilight books and went months without anybody to talk to. The a about 4 months later i randomly get onto the subject of twilight coming to the cinema and one of best friends tuns around and goes i’m totally in love with book. Turns out she read at exactly the same time as i did and has also been waiting ages for someone to talk about! So many lost months of talk on everything that is twilight! But i think we made up for after haha BTW big up WTForks, i love it with a passion. I’m so adding your twitter! Lots of Love for you girls xxxxxx

  4. YOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    do we need to dare each other to wear edward shirts in public? and i mean NOT trying to be stylish and cute still, like full on hot topic bad art shit.

    i love WTForks?!

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