RPatz. nude. and gay.

In RPatz new movie, Little Ashes, he plays famous artist Salvador Dali.   its a biopic, and Mr Dali happens to be homosexual.  apparently, our man… our EDWARD…  has a pretty hot and heavy sex scene with Javier Beltran who plays Dali’s bf, Frederico Garci.

Pattinson said it wasn’t so much having to play gay that was hard, but having an audience there for it. “Here I am, with Javier [Beltrán], who plays [Federico Garcí] Lorca, doing an extremely hard-core sex scene, where I have a nervous breakdown afterward,” he said. “And because we’re both straight, what we were doing seemed kind of ridiculous. … And it wasn’t even a closed set. There were all these Spanish electricians giggling to themselves.”

if u know RPatz, u know he’s never had a sex scene in his entire career.. and his FIRST.. is with a dude.   i dont even know if i wanna see this!   i know hes challenging himself as an actor, [and i think Heath Ledger’s best performance (besides Dark Knight) was in Brokeback Mountain] but this will TOTALLY ruin his future sex scene with KStew in Breaking Dawn for me….(cuz thats like, the only thing i wanna see in that movie… PRODUCERS!  I HOPE UR READING THIS!  WE WANNA SEE THE SEX!)

but i think i’ll still see it.  just so i can try and catch a glimpse of the wang.  i wonder if they’re gonna make it marble?   hmmmm..  

***EDITOR’S NOTE*** thanks REN for linking the vids…    im still scared to watch em.. lol.


12 responses to “RPatz. nude. and gay.

  1. I watched this “love scene” and I might add that it’s not for the faint of heart. I actually gagged a little but in case you want to see it, knock yourself out:

    Here’s a less hardcore one that reminds me of a scene in Breaking Dawn minus the other dude:

  2. hahahhaha – dude rach – you dont remember the post lawn did with his wang??? let me find it

  3. misslawncullen

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! why do i still think that was kinda hot tho?!

  4. My feelings were mixed when I saw that. Don’t you feel like a DLW (Dirty Little Whore) watching it??

  5. What’s with the homophobia? He made this BEFORE Twilight and as much as I love the books and all I completely respect Robert Pattinson as an actor and the choices he makes. People here seem to just wanna get in his pants. Come on people, enough with the hardcore Edward obsession. He’s NOT Edward Cullen (who is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER) but an actor. Besides the sex scene in Breaking Dawn is largely nonexistent in the book so the chances of it being in a PG-13 movie are fairly slim.

    • UHM – do you know what blog you’re visiting? LOL – to stop being edward obsessed is BLASPHEMY!

      this is alllll in good fun kevin – and we’re not homophobes (TRUST) – we just enjoy rob’s character as edward a little too much.

      thanks for coming by!!!

  6. OH…all I did was imagine my pasted face on Beltran’s during the scene…and yah, i have to agree with misslawn, still hotness. Oh – and i’ll take any scene with him shirtless. yum.

  7. can i take javiers place?

  8. gay sex is HOT!!!

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