Can I just say…

… life without Twilight sucks!!!

Since leaving Vancouver and coming back to “real life” I’ve been on lockdown with work… Leaving me absolutely no time to do all my favorite things:

  • Check personal emails… if only you can see how many emails us WTFly ladies send on a given day about Twilight. It’s insane!
  • iChat & BBM with the ladies about… duhhh, Twilight
  • Search the web for Twilight news and pics
  • Blog for WTF?!
  • Read all the post and comments every 5 mins

And you know what?!


I have no idea how I used to get through a day Pre-Twilight or Pre-WTForks?!


2 responses to “Can I just say…

  1. WAAAAAAH we miss you – but i also know that you’re working your ass off trying to get HB AND the WTF new site up and running – let me know if you need any help – but YO, seriously, how WAS life before twilight????

  2. I’m having withdrawals right now I got into work this morning n my comp won’t turn on! So I’m leaving this comment via iPhone. Omg twilight ruined my lifeeeeeee

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