Baby-Bella’s and Baby-Daddies.

So I’m at the j-o-b vigilantly pretending to work when I get an instant message saying “omgomgomgomgomgomg,” and sure enough it’s Jess. As I’m reading about this poster giveaway, I notice a Catherine Grimme “young Bella” has signed it.

“Young Bella?”

Naturally I google her little ass and find these adorable pictures, which Jess insisted that I post asap before she burst at the seams. Maybe I’m late but I’m surprised these pics haven’t been circulating more than they have. I must say, the “young Bellas” got the “old Bellas” ears.

I wonder if baby Bella stutters too? More importantly, I wonder how “omg ravage me already”  D.I.L.Fy Edward will look as a baby-daddy when Breaking Dawn films and he’s interacting with Renessme.

By the way, remind me NEVER to use the term DILF ever again. Ew.


12 responses to “Baby-Bella’s and Baby-Daddies.


  2. oh AND YES, i WAS about to burst at the seams – gah!

  3. ok ok – ONE MORE COMMENT then i swear i’ll shut up – the thought of EDWARD/Rpatz being a DILF – OMFGGGGGG – how HOT is that?????

  4. Who is this wee girl? Rob’s latest girlfriend? He did say he can only get tail with 8 year olds, but I didn’t believe that until now. Happy Birthday, Rob & keep it legal, y’know? 😉

  5. is that kellan in the background getting his face done?

  6. roobbbeerrrrttttt hihi!!! the girl looks so cute…in 10 years time, she will realise she was standing and wrking alongside some hotass mofo….

  7. Is this for New Moon or is there a missing scene from Twilight? And that sure does look like Kellan in the background! Looks like Rob is wearing some major bling on his ear lol Hopefully it’s just the flash picking something up in the background!

  8. lol it does look like Rob is wearing some bling. He’s getting his dipset on. SIKE.

    i believe that the girl in the video of Bella when she was in a tutu. So cute. And Rob is a D.I.L.F indeed. can’t wait to see what his kids will look like.

  9. OH…May I be excused? That beautiful pic made me a little lightheaded..
    Sorry little girl – as cute as you are – you are definitely not what I noticed, haha.

  10. Cuute!
    i had an intense twilight dream last night starring myself as Bella LOL what a dream come true…. for one night haaa

    i wanted to let you girls know how addicted i am to your site. i check it everyday for new posts lol! and i wanted to share with you girls (if you haven’t read it yet..) this site i randomly came across-
    have you guys checked it out yet? IT’S SO GREAT
    it’s life after “Breaking Dawn” (no affiliation with stephenie meyer) and so far so gooood 😉

  11. i think that he will do good as dad in BREAKING DAWN and they look So cute.

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