new RPatz tattoo?

found this via RobPattzNewz‘s twitter… uhm…. that’s pretty HARDCORE. what do you guys think??? would YOU get rob’s autograph tattooed on your wrist?



14 responses to “new RPatz tattoo?

  1. Um…I don’t really know…As much as I love Rob, I think I’d have to be hardcore drunk to get a extremely hot guy’s name (whom I probably won’t meet in years)inked onto my skin..But it does pretty good! But she is a true fan! Think it would be even betta if Rob did it himself!! Now I want one!lolz!

  2. umm…That is going alittle to far I love Rob but ummm….can I say crazy. Did she even get Robs autogragh or did she just find is signiture somewhere? But yes I do agree if Rob was the one who did it they I understand even tho when she is alot older most likly she will regret it and how do you hide a tat on your wrist. poor man you marrys her.

  3. misslawncullen


  4. eh i rather just have him bite me and leave a mark that way.

  5. looks like homegirl got lifetime proof that she met Robert Pattinson. I guess a picture with him wasn’t enough.

  6. I would only do it if Rob actually signed his name…the girl who did it said she copied the signature from a picture or something…She ahs never met Rob! To each his own…

  7. ya i think i agree i would probably only do it if it was RPatzz himself; and even then i may just get him to bite me really hard and have him leave his mark that way lol. ; P

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  9. I would have loved it if he actually signed it himself, but I was NOT going to follow/chace him just so he could do it. I realy wanted it but I didnt want to bug him for it like everyone else.

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