New Moon is GARBAGE!


According to the Associated Press, Casey Ray, a beauty salon owner in St. Louis stumbled across 2 movie scripts in a trash bin. One being Memoirs, and the other New Moon!

She was waiting for her fiance to get off work in front of a hotel where a George Clooney film called Up in the Air was being filmed when she found them. While no one knows just how the script ended up being trashed, New Moon cast member Anna Kendrick is also in the George Clooney film. However, a spokeswoman for Kendricks says she would’ve never done such a thing.

While Ray thought about keeping the scripts as collector’s items, she returned them instead to Summit Entertainment with the help of her lawyer. As a thnk-you, she was invited to attend the New Moon movie premieres.

Cah-razy. Imagine if you were just strolling along and found the New Moon  script  in the garbage right next to a half eaten apple and used tissue paper!

What would you have done with it?


4 responses to “New Moon is GARBAGE!

  1. I would have done the same give it back. It would have messed the whole movie up and I love twilight and stephanie and the cast too much to ruin the movie. plus she gets to go to the permire how awsome is that.

  2. how odd that both scripts are movies with Rob Pattinson in them.
    now that i know what happened to her i would have probably returned the scripts but in reality i probably wouldve kept them. Or returned Memoirs and kept New Moon =P

  3. i would return them as – an INVITE to … the New Moon movie premiere is PRICELESS – remember that Rob rarely sits thru any entire movie he is in, so you just slip out in the middle and hope he is in the lobby! although i would have taken a pic with the scripts proving i am not a liar ha ha ha.

  4. i would return them, but in return, they would need to give me FULL ACCESS to rob’s hotel room AND to be his date to the premiere.

    not too much to ask is it?

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