Maxim’s Hot 100


Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene made it to Maxim’s Hot 100 list! Ashley’s pic is HOTNESSS! go ‘head girls!






6 responses to “Maxim’s Hot 100

  1. from these two pics, they look exactly the same to me.

  2. They BOTH made top 50?!

    Is that weird that I feel a sense of pride for the both of them? Hahaha.

  3. i retract that previous statement. Ashley is 60-something and Nikki is 43.

    but yet the sense of pride is still there. lol.

  4. Ashley 60 something and Nikki Reed, 43?
    Not that Nikki isn’t hot but i stand by my girl crush on Ashley. Besides, Ashley’s photo is sizzzzzling. Yay for the Cullen girls none the less =]

    • that’s what i said! i’m a huge fan of nikki reed and all. but i just think Ashley has more sex appeal.

      well at least both are on the list. lol.

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