The Pack’s Tat

Twi-fans got a hold of what looks like the wolf packs tattoo… WTForks is that?!

You know in movies when a shrink holds up flash cards with paint blobs to see what comes to mind first? Well this is what it reminds me of. What comes to mind when you see this tattoo?!


I kinda see a scared wolf BUT at the same time I can’t help but think of a VAJAY-JAY. Am I trippin’ or do you see it too?


7 responses to “The Pack’s Tat

  1. i just came across your site the other day and love this blog!! it’s so great that ya’ll can share in your love for all things twilight!

    and yes, the first thing i saw too was a vajay-jay and then a wolf. seriously!

  2. ummmm definitely a whispering eye if I’ve ever seen one?

  3. LOL @ vajayjay
    i see the scared wolf with the huge eyes. it’s a bit comical looking to me as the wolfmen are suppose to be brave and not scared. i don’t know if i can take the tattoo seriously now when NM comes out lol

  4. Damn lawn uve ruined the tat for me forever lol. I do see the vag but I also see native american n alaskan elements as well.

  5. lmao yes, a va-jay-jay as you americans so politely call it. Can’t see the wolf, just looks like the Pizza Express logo with benefits if you get my meaning.

  6. OH crap…so va-jay-jay….damn, i’ll never look at the pack the same again! haha

  7. I can see the big scared wolf and the other thing… But its actually two wolves see the heads at the top! Heres a clearer pic!

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