It all leads back to Twilight…

Anytime I go anywhere, somehow some way… it all leads back to Twilight.

I go the grocery store… BAM, right there! Every tabloid mag has a pic of R.Patz on the latest Twilight scandel.

I go to the mall… BAM, right there! There’s a life size card board cut out of Edward Cullen or a tweenie bopper rockin’ her fave “I love boys that sparkle” tee

I’m driving… BAM, right there! One of Kanye’s songs from his Heartless album comes on and you know every song on there relates to Twilight.

Ok ok, you get the jest. But my point is… even when I’m not thinking of Twilight there’s something that takes me back to my obsession that I lurve so dearly. Case in point: The hubby and I go meet our friends Rino (Beat Freaks), LeeJ and Matt. We’re eating having a grand ol’ time and LeeJ brings up how he went to his sister’s place in San Diego and she had a “City of Forks” sign on the door from the Twilight party she had that weekend!!! I immediately drop my chopsticks and then IT started and I know all of you can relate to this ladies…

My heart started beating fast, my mind started racing, and my mouth started blabbing about random news, facts, and gossip… basically all things Twilight and at a record speed. I was going on and on and then noticed eyes just staring back at me, either in awe by how much I knew OR in disbelief that someone can be so wrapped up in a fictional book about wolves and vampires. Keep in mind also, that none of them have read nor seen the movie so I must’ve sounded like a complete nut, lol.

And that is why I’m thankful to have WTForks… we can all come here together for some good laughs, feed our obsession and sound like complete nuts & it’s ok cuz we just get it.


12 responses to “It all leads back to Twilight…

  1. OMG I was at that party that LeeJ was talking about. His sister is the best friend of my sister-in-law. šŸ˜› This is what he was talking about:

  2. LAWNIE!! YOU HAVE DEF SAID IT!! I get so embarassed at work because all day im relating something to twilight…and my girl knows how to bring the moral up to par in the store and thats playing the damn twilight soundtrack at work!! hahahaha…so siickkkkk

  3. omg!! hi ellene! those party pics were inspirational!! hahaha i cant wait to have my party!!!

  4. i JUST twitted something about me talking to my customers at work about twilight! thurs i was helping a customer and his daughter…the dad had a tribal tattoo on his arm and it reminded me of what the wolf pack’s tattoo looks like! so of course…i bring it up and the daughter has read all the books! i wrote down the whattheforks?! website to give to her! lol

  5. Aw kris my favorite blasian thnx for the free advertising lol

  6. OMFG – you have no idea what i go through when someone mentions twilight!!! first, i’m like “what did you just say? twilight??” then i get super super hot really fast, and then i turn bright red, and then i start to have hot flashes and sink into my seat and then palms get sweaty.. oh and if i’m standing – i start to jump around and stomp my feet. its quite a site actually…. =/ no lie. it just happened to yesterday when my co-worker asked why i had so many twilight paraphanalia (sp?) at my desk…

  7. blasian…i like that. lol can you guys make stickers or something already so i can just hand them to people so i don’t have to write the whole website down?! lol

  8. So I’ve been following this blog for a while but I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment until now. This totally hits close to home. For example, when I’m in the car, I’ll hear a song by the virgins and automatically, I think of Edward and Bella. At work, someone will say the word moon and I immediately make a new moon joke knowing I’ll be the only one who gets it. I feel like bad sometimes for being on twiceack, but when I read this blog, I know I’m not alone. Please keep up the awesome blogging and thanks for being like my own personal brand of heroin!!

  9. Just got my hair done this weekend…I sat my my hairdresser’s chair for like 4 hours with foil all over my head. Halfway through my appt (about 2 hours in), I was reading the latest People mag with the “Most Beautiful People”, I get to the page with Rob on it. My hairdresser, who by the way is an older 50-something year old lady, says casually, “That’s the guy from Twilight, right?!”. So i say very non-chalantly (although heart pounding, mind racing, etc), “Oh yeah, he’s kinda cute, loved the movie.” Then – she’s the one who starts going OFF.. Oh, how she read all the books and loves the movie, blah, blah, blah. I was like so stunned, mouth-open awe. I just blurted out – “OMFG, I actually REALLY LOVE him…”of course, the last 2 hours of my appt were spent analyzing every little detail of the books and contemplating how they would do special effects when they film Breaking Dawn one day.
    Oh well…me and my hairdresser….closer than ever now (still no discount though, haha).
    YES…Everything Leads Back To Twilight ladies…’nuff said!!

  10. BTW – Yes…PLEASE make stickers..I’d pimp you in Hawaii BIG TIME. I’ll donate to the WTFund to sponsor this shiznitt!!

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