happy WTFlyday ladiessss!!!

i’m having Vancouver withdrawals today cuz i realized that one week ago today, i woke up to the sight of 9 beautiful women, the sound of reggae on the radio, and the smell of Twilight in VanCity…

*sigh*  and now i’m back at the workhouse being a work horse.  how bout u guys?  whatcha doin?


TGIForks ladies and gents…. the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, i’m almost done moving into my new office, and my puppy Minnie is almost potty trained on the wee wee pads. Therefore, I-AM-IN-A-GOOD-MOOD!!!

Now all I need is confirmation that K.Stew has picked up her Hellz package and I’ll be goooooooood. Ugh yeeeaaahh, it’s a loooooong story and I wanna make sure I have a happy ending before I let you know what’s been going on w/ that this past week… so stay tuned.

In the meantime, welcome the newest WTFly lady to the family… Minnie, my mini dachshund 🙂


Earlier this morning, I caught her sitting on my New Moon book…. awww, mommy’s taught her well, hehe!


just came back from a work field trip to dimsum, ice cream, and bubble tea. I AM WTFKN STUFFED. anyway i think i might call it a half day since i really have no work to do right now =) HAPPY WTFRIDAY!!!!

(poster from BOP! mag – didn’t want to unfold the whole thing bc everyone at the office will think i’m insane and not just crazy)

Photo 15


just got home from work, and when attempting to take my picture my dog refused to not be in it. She’s just as vain as I am ! yay. and she tried to eat the sign too. and yes….that is my luggage from our trip in the background. I still have some clean clothes in there, so I’m pretty much ready for our next trip. Just tell me when! off to EyeCon tomorrow.

Photo 299


No, seriously – WTF?! My hair is an atrocious mess right now. I put all my hair in front of my face to show you how disgustingly long my bangs have gotten. I am officially bored with myself once again, and can’t decide on whether I should keep the light hair but cut straight bangs or color it back to black and have long layers. Asides from that, I really wish I took today’s TGIForks pic on a balcony in Vancouver like last week wah! Anyway, have a good weekend yall! Stay sassy!


5 responses to “TGIForks?!

  1. p.s. lawn, ur eyebrows are IMPECCABLE.

  2. OMG MINNIE IS ADDDDOOOREABLE! and yes, i hate your eyebrows… i mean love. if only i didn’t pluck all mine off when i was in high school and draw them in bc i thought i could pull off the chola look.

    anyway, abi – what? no more marites??? you gonna darken the hair up?

    betsey – i still haven’t unpacked eek. (but i tossed all my dirty laundry in the hamper)

    rach – i love that jacket. i was gonna steal if from you but you kept wearing it in vancouver.

    have a great wknd ladies!

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