EyeCon Advice….

So I started going through the EyeCon website, and I’m looking at the schedule of what’s going on. So there are a few different scheduled events, the Q&A sessions, Photo Ops, and autograph sessions. As I continue to read, I decide to click on the policy page, because I’m generally the one who ends up breaking rules.

and I see this:

Photography / Video
Still photography is permitted. However, please note that the stars that are contracted for professional photo sessions cannot pose for personal photos. Video photography is not permitted.

Bonus Guests
Most celebrity guests are bonus guests and are not compensated for their appearances, so they charge a small fee for their autographed photos. You are under no obligation to buy anything from our bonus guests, but if your budget allows, pick up an autograph or two to thank them for coming to the convention! (All patrons with ANY level of ticket – are invited to visit the autograph room).

Ok, so this seems a little strange to me…no personal photos, only professional???!? So I go ahead to the “more” link under Photo Ops. and I almost fell outta my chair after reading this.

Please note: The Photo Ops are the only way to appear in a photograph with our guests and also the only way to appear in a shot with more than one celebrity guest at one time (group shots).

Photo Ops Available (Updated as guests are added)

Individual – Jackson Rathbone $60.00
Individual – Peter Facinelli $60.00
Individual – Kellan Lutz $60.00
Individual – Edi Gathegi $60.00
Individual – Kimbra Hickey $30.00 (with Twilight book cover backdrop)

Group – Cullen Family Portrait (Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett) $180.00
Group – Cullen Brothers (Jasper, Emmett) $120.00
Group – Twilight Cast Portrait (Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, Laurent) $240.00



So does this mean they just can’t pose in a photo with me? Can I make them hold a what the forks sign? And I’m not guarenteed to even speak to them? ugh so confusedddddd.  I don’t even want autographs, I just wannt be like “oh hey whatsup I dig you etc”

So do I still need to purchase these crazy autograph tickets??? Ticket Info:

General Admission Daily Tickets:
General admission weekend ticket holders will receive the following:
*Access to all bonus celebrity guests
*Access to the dealer’s room and all panels and games
*Access to celebrity Q&A Sessions
Please note that the general admission tickets do not include a free autograph, although autograph tickets may be purchased for a small fee at the EyeCon Emporium or online.

General Daily Saturday (No Reserved Seating): Cost $35.00
General Daily Sunday (No Reserved Seating): Cost $35.00

Featured Guest Autograph Tickets:
If you desire additional autographs from the featured guest, autograph tickets will be available for purchase at the EyeCon Emporium or online. There is no limit to the amount of extra autograph tickets you may purchase so feel free to bring all of your collectibles for autographing! Photos of the featured guest will be available for purchase in the EyeCon emporium for autographing.

Featured Guest Autograph Ticket: Cost $25.00



7 responses to “EyeCon Advice….

  1. i think you do, sadly. I bought a photo op with Jackson, because I want to frame it and decorate my room. but it is ridiculous. I’m also confused about the banquet I’m attending. The website says photography is not allowed with the stars, but the people I’m going with called and they said it was fine…

    • Marina- I have exactly what you need to frame your photo with Jackson and decorate your room. Stop by the Dealer Room and say hi tomorrow.

      Also, I’d advise to bring a camera along to the banquet, just in case. People WERE taking photos at the cocktail party tonight.

  2. http://www.PetitionOnline.com

    You gals have a voice now. Join together with all blogs and fans and change the above because it sounds ridiculous.

    I understand those throwing the event wishing to profit from it, but the actors (in my opinion) should really want to have nothing to do with it.

    Paying to take a picture with them? These people are not Eddie Munster or Patty Duke (i.e. actors who desperately need the money). They are current stars that are well paid. To make fans pay for a photo op is not cool (again, maybe that is simply me).

    I know those who will be more than happy to pay – and that is what they are banking on.

    Major fail.

  3. Enh. My idea is not going to work.

    Personally, I would pay if I wished to attend… and that is exactly what made me stop and think.

    For every 1 person who finds it a bit ridiculous (the rules), there will be 20 who are fine with it – just because they wish to experience the “experience.”

    I have never attended such an event but I suppose this is common practice so… I guess you pay to play!

  4. yes mam. u have to pay. same as the twilight convention they had in the city a few months ago. and i’m not surprised at all, it sucks yes, and the prices are ridiculous but it’s pretty much this way for a lot of planned functions. my girl went to e3 a few years ago and couldn’t take a pic WITH tera patrick only OF her. my girl paid for a pic with emmet aka kellan and i dunno how much she paid but it was worth it, the pic looks like they used to date in high school hahaha. good luck mama, make us proud! o, and if ur taking a picture with them and paid for it u MIGHT get away with them throwin up a wtforks sign. my suggestion, wear a wtforks tee and have them somehow point to it in the flic. safer and u still get them to rep it in a way.

  5. If you do decide to “invest” in a celebrity photo/autograph, please come visit me in the Dealer Room to see what I did with my daughter’s Kellan Lutz photo & autograph from AccioCon and it looks fabulous!

    The limitations on photography could be part of the EyeCon organizer’s agreement with the official event photographer. More importantly, it could be a way to keep people from swarming the celebs, allowing for a more respectful, enjoyable environment for all. They have promoted this event as a more intimate way to meet the celebrities, without all the craziness. I don’t really know for sure, so maybe you could ask the EyeCon staff to find out the real reasons for the rules.

  6. I have to agree with the comment above. It is a bit ridiculous to pay for a photograph. I am pretty sure you will already being paying a hefty fee just to get in the doors.

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