Destination: Isle Esme

I remember a few days after reading Breaking Dawn I had a dream I went to Isle Esme. It was even more beautiful than I had imagined, except for the fact that 1) There was a random Sandals sailboat docked ashore, and 2) I was on the most romantic “make-believe” island ever with my MOM.

Anyway, I was surfing the best “I’m bored out of my mind I need something to look at quick” website ever (Asides from WTForks of course),, and came across an article that aread “10 Most Amazing Islands,” and found my Isle Esme in The Maldives.

It’s nowhere close to Rio De Janeiro, southwest of India actually, but that totally doesn’t matter. It’s secluded, tropical, and looks perfect for headboard breaking nights, and feather filled mornings. I’ve been to some gorgeous beaches and seen pictures of the most beautiful islands but this pretty much takes the cake for me today.

I believe this is the view looking back AT the island. I totally got goosebumps imagining Edward night swimming in these crystal clear waters and his chisled body glistening in the moonlight. OMG clean up on aisle 6 please! I can’t for them to confirm filming for Breaking Dawn and then the actual location for Isle Esme! In the mean time let me know your pick for Isle Esme and don’t forget to include a picture!

And WTFly ladies, start saving now. It’s gonna be sooo much more serious than Vancouver!


4 responses to “Destination: Isle Esme

  1. LADIES! get ur wallets ready for WTFuckin isle esme! for me.. its gotta be WTFrench Polynesia. ohh fashooo..

    Rangiroa sunset

  2. lmao OH FASHOOO rach.

  3. oh good LORD – i’m not getting all nakey in the water, but i’ll sure as hell grab a hot dude and strip him down and throw him in those waters FASHOOOO – “FULFILL MY FANTASY G’DAMNIT!”

  4. Frickin’ Beautiful!

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