So last week I noticed that my lover Jackson Rathbone was scheduled with his band to perform in Orlando, FL. Although I was pretty excited about this, its a bit of a drive for me (3hours) and I wasn’t sure about going or not. I know I know, I just traveled across and out of the country, why wouldn’t I drive a few hours….

So this morning I’m googling the dates online and I’m brought to the homepage of some event known as EyeCon Twilight.


seriously, that was my immediate reaction. Why didn’t I know about this? Why have no other Twi-blogs posted about it??? GUH….Florida Twi-Hards you’re all asleep.

Confirmed guests are…. Edi Gathegi, Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone, and Kellan Lutz.

I’m only going up for a few hours just during the photo op hours. I wonder if this is gonna be a big deal at all considering I’ve heard NOTHING about it.

EyeCon Website

ps. Do we have any Twilight fans in Florida?? holllllllllla.

OMG I’m SOOOO Excited.

pps. thank goodness for my boyfriend….or I wouldn’t be able to go to this at all. so ladies, lets all take a minute and thank our dudes for being so good about dealing with our obsession. I think he needs to join the FckTheForks crew after getting dragged to the TwiCon. haha. ❤


7 responses to “EyeCon

  1. omg ur man totally deserves the award for “best supporting boyfriend in a twilight obsessed relationship” lol

  2. Sorry can’t go have to work! 😦 bummer!!!

  3. ahhh to be back in Fla.. I wud soo go with you lady! I found out tht in Jan here in SF they had sum sort of baby twicon thing and Jack Bone was there with his band and shizz… but this was b4 i became a damn Twifreak…lol

    anywho..any peeps in SF know of any crazy twi-shizz let me know

    • I WAS THERE! haha. it was in feb. i met Kellan Lutz. yea it was like. if comic con and wonder con and a midget baby. that’s what THIS twi-con would be. lol. Their coming back next year in Jan.

  4. Where in Florida are you? I am also 3 hours from Orlando, in Ft. Myers. Like you, I was surprised not to see more promotion, especially Tweeting. Did you know they auctioned breakfasts with Kellan Lutz and Jackson Rathbone on eBay as well as royalty seats on a comfy couch? Went for hundreds of dollars! So… did you decide to make the drive? Will we see you there?

  5. I’m in Fort Lauderdale/Miami area…and yes I’m totallllly going.

    NO WAY! I didn’t hear about the auctions. that’s insane.

    I’ll be reppin the WTForks crew.

  6. Alexandria Fox

    Im in the bay now but I was in the Tampa area for a hot min. If I was there still Id sooo go!

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