RPatz Rumors


RPatz caught with sexy dancer???!? Are ya kiddin me? I can’t wait to scoop out the grocery store to see what this story is about. I wonder if there are photos as well?

Oh wait…I already know what the dancer looks like. It’s me. Yeah forgot to mention while we were in Vancouver, I snuck out and gave him a private dance in his room. Sorry ladies.


Damn, can’t wait to see who this skank is. Maybe he went over to the Paramount after filming…damn girls we shoulda gone inside.


ps. doesn’t that pic of him on the cover make you wanna just grab him by his hair and….ok what I want to say woulda been X-rated…so I”ll keep it to myself.


4 responses to “RPatz Rumors

  1. O


  2. He is just so GORGEOUS! I bet he gets tired of tweens screaming at him. He needs us older women to take care of him! LOL you know what I mean?!

  3. OHHH YEAH Rob…let me show you a real dance….lol

  4. y am i totally engulfed with the john & kate drama though? lol i totally looked at that before the pic of r. patz omg whats wrong with me?

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