my encounter with Mike Welch

since i’ve been seeing all this hooplah on fans and their encounters with everyone twilight related, i’ve decided to provide you all with some deets on my run-in with mike welch!

misslawn, betsey, josie and i had just visited a few shops in the gastown like goodfoot and stussy and then i drove back to the hotel so we could get ready for our dinner at gotham. as i was pulling into the driveway, i noticed a bunch of teenage girls surrounding this somewhat tall guy with orangey hair.


i look more closely as i’m blocking the driveway and i immediately start pushing betsey out the door yelling:


meanwhile, i calmly park the car in front of the lobby to get valet’d (is that a word, i guess not because the red squiggly lines are shouting at me), and then speed walk over to the group of girls.

josie and i patiently wait for our turn (sorry for the redundancy of the photos, it just helps with the visuals nah mean?):

snap! (i HATE this picture, i look like SUCH A DWEEB!):

afterward, i figured i’d thank mike for being such a sport. i was giddy, it was our first twi-encounter with one of the cast and i felt like i had diarrhea of the mouth. i remember i told him the following (not in order, oh and also – when i get excited i curse up a storm):

  • YO! you’re the SHIIIIIIIT Mike! | Him: smiles and laughs
  • you are HILARIOUS, i think you’re fkn funny as hell (as i graze his arm with my hand muwahahha) | Him: laughs harder and says “thanks!”
  • is it weird for you? you know, to be getting all THIS?? | Him: yea, its a little weird… [catches himself] but you know, i REALLY appreciate it all, i’m thankful for everything, its fun…
  • more playful banter back and forth.. [teeny bopper interrupts us for an autograph and i walk away] *but how’s THAT for an answer, he was really sincere and sweet about it.

as i’m walking away, i call rach and in a low tone i tell her: “COME. DOWN. RIGHT. NOW.” click.

no sooner do i reach the lobby doors do i see rach and crew running and bursting through the doors in their pj’s, pajamas, wet hair, and makeup hardly finished – IT WAS A FKN SIGHT!

and then Aiden from sex in the city came out and i waved at him since we had shared an elevator with him and his dogs… he politely waved back hehehehhehe…

afterward, betsey was telling me i should have stayed and chatted with mike since we had a pretty endearing short chat – tempting, but no. i’m not THAT much of a cougar, although he WAS very nice and charming, i didn’t want to intrude on his personal space… plus it was daytime out and yea… i only work my magic at night ;P

and check out this interview w/ mike and peter facinelli – mike is SO HUMBLE! =) check out how he reacts when he hears about rob’s commentary in the dvd about mike…



3 responses to “my encounter with Mike Welch

  1. yessssss he was the NICEST … and a lot taller than I had imagined. when the “almost ready” crew came out I remember waiting for other fans to finish taking pics with him while Q and Rach were depserately trying to figure out his real name. As they were doing so I noticed Mike walking away so I gave a “Ummm guys?!” and I forget who got his attention but when we did he totally APOLOGIZED for walking away aka being a normal human being with normal human rights lol. We then proceeded to take pics and I told him “We came all the way from San Francisco for THIS right here,” and he folded his hands and did a little bow as he said, “Oh wow I really appreciate it,” to which someone said, “No WE really appreciate it.”

    Oh Mike, any Forks high school girl would be lucky to have you LOL.

  2. jess ur face in that pic is PRICELESS. lol.

  3. I love peter facinelli! He’s so nice when he speaks with the media. Haha and i Love that pic with u grrls pointing at mike, awesome 😛

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