Kelly Clarkson New Moon Soundtrack?

Thanks to TwiCrack, we were informed that this song, “Did You?” by Kelly Clarkson might be on the soundtrack for NM. Listen to the lyrics – pretty on point for Bella if you ask me… if it doesn’t make it to the soundtrack, I wouldn’t be surprised if the song was inspired BY the book LOL…


7 responses to “Kelly Clarkson New Moon Soundtrack?

  1. idk, i don’t like this song. btw, we all know edward left bella out of love…..

    • not my most fav either, but it definitely tells the story… and bella doesn’t really comprehend why edward left her… well, she just won’t accept that it was out of love… GAH just thinking about NM makes me sad hahahhahaha – plus i just finished reading the script – SOOOO FKN GOOD

  2. i love Kelly Clarkson. and these lyrics really give the vibe of New Moon. But it just sounds to pop to be on the Soundtrack.

  3. i like the song but im not too sure if i like it for the NM soundtrack just yet.
    however, if they were to put it in the soundtrack, i think this would be perfect for the motorcycle scene or when she’s about to walk towards the bar right before she hears edward.

  4. no offense to paramore fans, because i am one, too, but the song actually fits well with NM. If not this song, then everyone should listen to Kelly’s song, “Haunted”. It’s more darker and Paramore-esque and also good for the movie. And there has to be more than one song on the album anyways.

  5. Haunted would fit soooo much better.
    actually, is the perfect one for the movie, looks like Kelly wrote it thinking about the story of New Moon

  6. i think that “already gone” by kelly clarkson would be a much better choice. this song is…eh its okay.

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