Desperately Seeking Martina.

It almost PAINS me to look at other Twilight blogs because each time I’ve done so since my return from Fancouver, I’ll see yet another pic of a fan who has “conveniently” run into a castmember at some spot I SWEAR the WTForks team were JUST at the same day.

I mean give a goddamn dog a bone will ya?

Amongst the many fans that I am THIS close to throwing a rock at ‘cuz I’m bitter as hell (Nothing personal ladies lol) is a woman whose identity to me is only known as “Martina” (I think) thanks to Lainey Gossip. She’s been meeting stars all over Van City, I’m surprised her ass didn’t pop outta our hotel closet!

Mel totally saw Selena passing through our hotel lobby with her parents in a rush to their car.

Other pics show Taylor and Selena sneaking back to what LOOKS like The Sutton hotel - OUR HOTEL.

I believe this was taken at the Sam Bradley concert which we left early because someone told us R. Patz wouldn't be there, wah!

Quick! Someone give this girl an award or a restraining order ‘cuz she always seems to be at the right places at the right times. I’m convinced she’s either using ancient voodoo, has really good bedroom feng-shui, or her parents work for homeland security.


Seriously, if any of yall know how we can get a hold of this girl let us know! And Marina if you’re reading this, I hope you don’t take offense to the above. You may truly be my hero, I’m just too jelly right now to admit it.


23 responses to “Desperately Seeking Martina.

  1. WAAAAAHHHHHHHHH – marina holler at us! i hate you! but not really. =P

  2. OMG I would just die if I met any of them, especially ROB! My future husband to be! LOL

  3. Melissa McMurray

    I don’t understand it either, how did she get to take pictures when you were not allowed to???

    • misslawncullen

      i read somewhere that the pic w/ ks and rpatz was taken prior to the show… phewwww. and by the look of that pic, there is no way that was taken back stage cuz it was super tiny back there

  4. OMG!! Tell me why we we’re always not @ the right place @ the right time!! I hate my life…

  5. pays them off….hahaha – I’m a hater too =0)

  6. she’s just a regular girl!?!??!?! this WHOLE time i thought she was someone important. WTH!

    seriously guys read this! someone is asking the cullen’s questions and “they” answer.

  7. yah on lainey it says r pat and k stew took pics with her before the show and in the picture it’s sunny and daytime (i think) so it couldn’t have been during the concert. but either way TAKE ME TO UR LEADER cuz she still be at the right places at the right times!

    • DAMN! although i envy this girl. she looks no older than me! where is your mother Marina!? where!? does she know where you at!?!? DOES SHE! haha. okay i’m done..

  8. Actually her sister knows where she is, Jhalecullen! Apparently my little sister, Martina – not Marina, has a sixth sense for celebrity sightings. Call her the star whisperer?

    • tell your sis to hit us up with an email! can we do like a mini interview? =) we’ll be nice, i promise!

    • ahahah! really! oh god. can u please pass it along that i envy your sister in EVERY possible way. ahaha. and tell her sorry for getting her name wrong. ahah.

  9. HAHAHA this is soooooo funny,
    because i KNOW martina! she goes to my school. haha its hilarious how everyone here is talking about her…CRAZAY!

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    rofl luv all the comments but am a little creeped out by them…. who started this blog???

    • OMMMGGGG HI GUYS! lol – what you mean creeped out? and what you mean who started the blog? i swear, the ladies of this blog are nice, we won’t bite – hit us up with an email if you want wtforks at gmail…

    • martina or whoever u know that’s reading this, i wrote this specific blog and trust there were no creepy intentions behind it lol. u can’t blame us if we know who u are, ur pics are all over the internet! (plus – we’re BOTH over here tryna catch a glimpse of r. pat and k. stew so wouldn’t that make us both creepy?) we’re just fellow fans who are hella j over the fact u got to meet our fave castmembers and are almost positive u know some ancient rain dance that makes stars appear in front of u and would like u to share ur secrets lol.

  12. hey, all these comments are hilarious.
    Martina’s a huge fan of the twicast so it was really lucky for her to meet most of them… she’s met Taylor 6 times… and he remembers her!! she has a lot of other photos of her own with kstew and tlauts, but only a selected few got onto Lainey Gossip.
    i hear she wants to be famous one day…
    oh and im pretty sure she has seen this site.. ok she has.. and she’s not creeped out, so don’t worry about it. Martina’s nice =)

  13. ok last comment was from me…. no big deal.
    Martina has so many photos up on her facebook, she has like a whole album dedicated to celebs in vancouver. So if you’re already her friend.. CHECK THAT OUT.
    Also, I think she tweets… I’m pretty sure she’ll be on Lainey again… she met Dakota Fanning and Cameron Bright today

    • OOOMMMGGGG are you serious? lol – maybe i’ll try adding her on facebook – but i bet she’ll probably be like, “who the hell is this?!” and then hit deny lol – i’ll peep her out though – GOOD FOR HER!

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