camera whores.


so you’ve seen what I’ve had to say about our trip.   You’ve heard from Doowah, Lawn, Yosh, and Betsey.

but yet, u want more?  more? and more?   well, we’d like to give it to you..

if u know us, then u know we don’t play when it comes to taking pictures.   put us in front of flashing lights and i promise you, we wont disappoint.  so if ur like us, and u wanna see what REALLY went down in van, let our pictures tell u the story.

check our pictures here.  i promise its like picture sex for all you camera whores. =)  ENJOY!


3 responses to “camera whores.

  1. You guys look like you had HELLA fun!

    oh i need to tell you guys this only because it’s twilight related.

    So last night i had a dream that i had to go out and walk my dog (i gave him away a couple of months ago so i was surprised i had to walk him. lol.) so i go into my backyard only to find a man carrying him. i started to yell demanding he put my dog down. Turns out it was Emmett. He looked at me and begged me to let him “borrow” my dog. He wanted to prove to Rosalie he can have a dog without eating it. i got scared for my dog adn was just about to reach for him. but as i took a step forward Emmett jumped over my fence. and yelled back at me saying he’ll bring my dog back at 6. then i woke up.

    now i’ll never know if i get my dog back. lol.

  2. O.M.G. that is HILARIOUS but y can i really see that happening? hahaha.

  3. Aw man! Looks like you guys had a blast. Wish I could have made it : /

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