WTFancouver according to Misslawn


Why does this past weekend feel like it was just a dream?! Maybe cuz it was too good to be true. Not only did we manage to get 13 of WTFly bitches from all across the states and literally invade Vancouver but we did it without any drama… Amazing!!! And something even more amazing than that just so happens to be my #1 fave moment in Vancouver…

#1 Fave Moment: The Encounter


(Source: PopSugar)

So as you heard from Yoshi’s previous post, we went to the Sam Bradley concert in hopes of catching a glimpse of R.Patz and/or K.Stew. Once we got to the venue we took shots at the bar then proceeded to scope the place for a guy (hopefully Rob) wearing a hoodie or beanie… Negative! Then we got the word from his BFF, Katrina (the blonde at the bottom right corner  of the pic above) that he “isn’t coming cuz he’s on lock down” so majority of us bounce… but lemme fast forward to the good part……….

……. we end up going back to the concert which was already done by the time we got there and just hung out. After talking to the security guard for what felt like FOREVER, he then gave us the “come in, hurry” hand gesture, so Betsy and I gunned through the back stage door.

Once we were back stage (which was super tiny), we walked the the hallways and saw Kristen chillin’. So we just stood there lookin’ like we belonged there, lol… As I was about to grab my camera I heard the security say,

“Make sure there’s no camera’s. If you see one either take it away or stand there and watch them delete every picture”

So then, of course I slyly put my camera back into my purse, lol. At that moment Kristen walked by us as she was exiting out the back door so Betsy said, “Hey wussup” and K.Stew looked over at us and gave us a head nod.

Then… OMG, Rob came out of the bathroom with his hoodie over his head (of course) and walked past us as he exited out the door, but not before slightly brushing his elbow against me…. AHHHHHHH!!!! I’m never gonna wash that jacket again, lol…

Man o’ man… That was the perfect way to end our trip. Too bad my first time meeting him was nothing like my dreams…. you know the whole, him falling madly in love with me at first sight and taking me away to Isle Esme BUT it’ll do… haha!


BTW, that’s what it would’ve looked like “IF” I were able to have taken a pic with Rob that night… heeheee!!!

#2 Fave Moment: The Hand Off

I had to make our WTFanvouver trip also work productive so I thought what better way to promote my brand than to give K.Stew a package full of Hellz Bellz goodies… so my next fave moment was preparing the package with the help of my WTFly ladies.


Sooooo, if you see Kristen rocking this No Frontin’ Varsity Jacket or the MIA Acid Wash Denim Jacket, you’ll know where it came from, teeheee!!!

#3 Fave Moment: Glowball

I love to eat-eat-eat!!! I give it up to Vancouver for having some of the best restaurants I’ve eaten at in a while. You know we couldn’t go to Van’ without eating at one of Rob’s fave restaurants, Glowball, duhhh!!!


I had to get Rob’s fave Kobe Beef Meatball Spaghetti just so I could say, “Rob’s balls were yuuummmmyyy” hahahaha!!! 


#4 Fave Moment: Asian Tourist?!

Naw, that’s just the WTFly girls… hahaha!!! I love this pic below. This is basically how we looked at every Fancouver spot. Whether it be at Bella’s house OR Jacob’s house OR at Paramount Theatre OR with Mike Newton OR at Sam’s concert. This is how we rolled…


#5 Fave Moment: Run in w/ Mike

After flying out of the car and getting past a bunch of Twi-tweens Yoshi, Josie, Betsy and I finally had our way w/ Mike. BTW, he’s a such a sweetheart…


#6 Fave Moment: Road to New Moon 

I know we’re supposed to just do 5 Fave Moments but I had to slip this one in… This is gonna sound mad cheesy but just being with these awesome ladies made the trip all the better. I don’t think I’ve laughed, danced, or drank so much in my life… thank you Twilight for making this happen!!!


Love you bitches… next stop?! Vegas baaaabbbyyyy OR ya’ll down to go to San Diego for Comic Con?!


19 responses to “WTFancouver according to Misslawn

  1. ahh looks like you guys had lots of fun!!!!! too bad you couldn’t take a picture with r.patz and ks

    i soooo wanna go to comic con, they only have tickets left for thurs and sunday though!

  2. heyhey heyyy!! #6 is right! you gals made the trip. and idk if vegas is a good idea cuz JUST IMAGINE US IN VEGAS?!? JUST IMAGINE?! my liver hurts just thinking about it. lol.

    (lets make it happen tho, i’m hella down. lol. )

  3. I am so jealous. Did Rob smell good?

  4. HEY GIRL HEYYYYYY!!!!! did you get a confirm yet????

  5. Wow, you guys look like you had SUCH an awesome time and you had an encounter *thump*

  6. Did u get to talk to KStew? How did she find out about ur brand?

  7. Rob’s balls look delicious!!!! haha!

  8. so your saying that this Katrina girl (one with the tat star?) is bestfriends with robert pattinson? do you really think so??? it just dont make since was he talking wiht her that night at all?

  9. how fun! where’s the real juicy stuff? who gone wild? i’m sure the trip wasn’t g-rated.

  10. i don’t remember hearing her say she was r. patz bff but i do remember hearing sam bradley. it’s possible considering she was back there with them, regardless of if they looked chummy or not.

  11. i love living vicariously thru the wtfly ladies!
    ps…i love Mike, he is so adorable!

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  14. looks like you guys had a huge amount of fun that i’m jealy of. and i do enjoy the hellz-bellz now and again. luvs it all. keep on doin wucha do.

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