WTFancouver according to Betsey J

Where to begin??!?!!

I’ve been sitting here all night going through the details of the trip over and over in my head trying to single out just 5 favs.I must say it’s been quite difficult. But here it goes. . .

5. The Chase

Twi-Fans waiting to catch a glimpse of something

Anna Kendrick!!!

Anna Kendrick!

So naturally a major part of this trip would be dedicated to locating the whereabouts of filming locations and obviously the cast. Before I go into this, as mentioned before, we all give props to those Twi-hards who’ve successfully met all members and been at all filming locations. It’s some SERIOUS work, like the type of work you’d have to take a leave of absence from work/school for. But, there is no doubt about it, that its so thrilling and fun, and really pays off in the end. Our first real filming location success was the Paramount Theatre filming. (thanks to Lainey Gossip for the tip) It was a pretty crazy /hilarious experience standing behind the barricades trying to get our cameras to zoom as far as possible just to get a sneak peak. Attempting to duck the security guards while turning dark corners and hiding in alley ways. We did get a little peek at Jessica (Anna Kendrick) though! However, it seems as though when it comes to the chase, our crew lacks a little something. We kept coming a little too late, or a leaving a little too early. But whatever! We still had so much fun running around Vancity in hopes of catching a glimpse, and in the end it did pay off. (I’d include that in my top 5 but Lawn shared those details) But kudos to the girls who were camping out for 10+ hours….you really are on top of the game.

More Twi-Crack at the Paramount!

more Twi-Crack at the Paramount

4. The Real World aspect of our trip

9 girls from all over the country traveled to one place for one thing. . . Twilight. Over the last month or so, we’ve been in contact with one another via hilarious emails. Some of us have been old friends, and some of us have never met. We all came into different airports and met for the first time, and then collectively met up as one group in the hotel while picking rooms and unpacking. It SERIOUSLY was the real world goes on vacation. So much fun.

3. Running around VanCity

I love traveling and exploring new cities. I’d never been to Vancouver before, so this was a totally new experience for me and it was nothing short of amazing. It was beautiful, clean, and a ton of fun. Everyone was suuuuper nice (minus the flicking liquid thing….has anyone figured out what thats about?) and drinks were oh so cheap! $5 vodka mixed drinks? Can’t get enough of that. And who wouldn’t love watching everyone turn their heads at this hot group of females stomping their streets?

2. Club Shine

All weekend long we were craving a good place to go dancing, get our drink on, and party til the sun came up. Our first experiences at the “clubs” of Vancouver were not so great. I think at one point, the crowd was chanting and dancing along to the Canadian anthem or something….no idea. It was odd. Well Saturday night we finally got our wish! Thanks to the dudes at Stussy, we were put onto this spot known as Club Shine. It was the booooooooomb party. We walked in and got free tequila shots, HOLLLLLLAAA. The DJ was killlin it with a ton of good jams, and I’m pretty sure we didn’t stop dancing once. And the dude who threw the party told us that we were the best crew he’s ever seen out here. Oh and Hellz Bellz got a shout out over the mic. amazing!

1. the girls

WTFly LadiesThe meetings with Mike, Kristen, and RPatz were great, no doubt about it. I’ll probably never wash those clothes again because of it. The partyin and all the good food was amazing, the pictures clearly prove that. But my number 1 moment of the trip, isn’t really a moment I guess, but just the girls of the trip overall. This is a group of the most fabulous, talented, and beautiful women that anyone could ever meet. Like mentioned before some of us were meeting for the first time, but it was like we’ve known eachother for years. The conversations were hilarious and and totally unforgettable and unmentionable.

I’m pretty sure my favorite of them all, was over our breakfast on Saturday morning.

I am so glad to have been a part of this trip, and it’s totally something that I’ll never forget. The friendships formed are amazing, and I’m excited for planning another trip.

Vegas, San Diego Con, Island Esme??? Who’s down?!

oh and PS….can anyone please tell me what was going on in this picture?? What was I saying?!!? hahah.


7 responses to “WTFancouver according to Betsey J

  1. Real World on vacation. Lol. Good one.

  2. Im down for San Diego Con!! Hey did you guys hear about the Twilight Convention they are having this year and next year? Its like the Comic Con but Twilight just got its own lol. I only know for one date and that next year in San Francisco.

    • i went to the one this year. in feburary. it was fun!

      i’m already planning my attack for next year. lol.

  3. Omg twicon?! Forreal?! And u KNOW we’ll be at isle esme next year. I’m already planning it!

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