Is There Life After Twilight?

I’m writing this as I take my mundane Bart ride home from work, and as I’m writing, the post vacation trauma finally hits me albeit a day late. Anyone who’s ever come back to work after an awesome vacation knows what I’m talking about. It’s that downward spiral of coming back down to reality and realizing just how much you hate your job and seemingly stagnant life. I convinced myself to go on the WTFancouver trip even though I am currently living paycheck to paycheck not necessarily to stalk Twilight cast members (Although a good amount of that did occur) but mainly to surround myself with beautiful, talented, and successful women in hopes of motivating myself to finally pursue the career I’ve always hoped for and ultimately the happiness I believe I deserve.

I got that and then some.

My bf who I’ve compromised with and have now branded a “supportive penis toting hater,” asked me if I’d still be as heavily involved with WTForks during the entire duration of filming for the rest of the series. He then asked me, “What happens when the movies are done?”

GAH! While the thought had never occured to me, it was still something I could not fathom. If Summit decides to film 1 movie a year, by the time Breaking Dawn releases it will be 2011 and I will be *GASP* 30 (That deserves a holy shit and a good God). Will I still be as Twihard then? Will fans still be fanatics? Will WTForks still have as many hits? Is the Twilight phenomenon just a current trend or will it attain long lasting credibility and dedicated fans that parrallel those of Star Wars? I can’t imagine coming to work and actually working instead of WTForks blogging or reading other Twilight blogs lol!

Not trying to be pessimistic – just realistic.

But then I felt somewhat comforted knowing that as long as I have at least 1 more person to talk to about Twilight  with, I’ll always be an “active” fan. And regardless of if the hype dies and movies are done, I will still have memories of the trip and more importantly, the friendships I’ve made from it – no homo.

So what about YOU? Is there life after Twilight? What does it look like?

Now, to lighten up the end of this blog I wanna leave you with some fun facts I learned about each of these WTFabulous ladies during our trip ‘cuz I’m seriously starting to get slightly depressed lol.

Miss Lawn – Does the best Vietnamese nail shop lady impersonation next to Anjela Johnson. I swear it started to freak me out ‘cuz she was so on point. “Why u hah no boy-freh?”

The Mayor – Is the biggest  Sam Bradley/The Darcys fan EVER (lol). Or at least you would’ve thought it by the way she was GIGGIN at the concert. Never in my life have I witnessed a brown girl rock out so hard, it was the cutest thing ever.

Betsey J – Betsey sleeps with a smile. I promise. The first night in Vancouver I sat up from the pull out couch and saw Betsey sleeping on her stomach with a smile on her face. She MUST’VE been dreaming about Edward.

Jessica Cullen – THIS is a natural pose for Jess.

Queenie – Is the best bed buddy ever. She doesn’t make weird noises. She doesn’t move around unecessarily. She doesn’t hog the blanket. And she doesn’t play footsie, even though she says she does. I look forward to spooning with her in the future.

Josie – Is related to Rino Nakasone, or needs to be. ‘Cuz I swear they look alike.

Melissa – Does not chew her food when she eats. On our drive to Vancouver from Seattle we stopped by McDonalds for a bite to eat. We both ordered a Big Mac but I swear she was done before I could even take a sip of my sweet tea. She has since suffered the consequences of this and has learned to chew before swallowing *AHEM* Mel! LOL.

Michelle – Really does have OCD. Any sanitary accesory you need, she’s sure to have in her sandwhich bag which STAYS in her purse at all times. Dromamine? Check. Wet wipes? Check. Period pads? Check. Purell? Check. I’ve even grown accustomed to wiping my utencils before using them because of her ass. Thanks Miche for making me scared to eat in public.

And there you have it. I feel better already! Ladies, feel free to add 🙂


15 responses to “Is There Life After Twilight?

  1. Awwww. This made my heart bleed just a little bit abi!!! Omg.

    Btw here’s ur fun fact about ABI– even tho she has gotten her us citizenship and is no longer an immigrant, as soon as she crossed the Canadian border (literally her first breath of Canadian oxygen) she turned into a FOB. Cmon abi show the world how to “put on and off ur tights”

  2. p.s. there is no life after twilight bc this shit lives FOREVER!!!!

    viva la Twilight!

  3. Life after Twilight? never thought of it… now I’m scared.

    I imagine that Twilight will fade popularity wise but will forever live in every hard core fan. And for the young ones (like me) will have their love lives forever ruined. Because we will ALWAYS be looking for someone EXACTLY like Edward. And then because depressed when we finally realize he doesn’t exist.

    oh jeez. i just scared myself. i don’t want any of this to end!

  4. misslawncullen

    Did you type all that on your iPhone?! Dayum girl, you got skills!!! But fo” real tho… This post just made my heart hurt cuz now I miss all u “prehtey”ladies even more than I already did prior to reading this.

    Happy Cinco Dooohma-yo!!! Hahaha…

  5. lol great post. there IS no life after twilight. there is no BEFORE and no AFTER. there is only 2008 – 2010 *sigh*

    the FASTEST i would guess they can get these out. at this rate they should release as follows. Keeping in mind the CAST is NOT signed for Breaking Dawn (they only have a three movie contract):

    Nov. 20, 2009 – New Moon
    June 30, 2010 – Eclipse
    TBD – Breaking Dawn (guessing Nov 2010)

  6. that picture you found of Rino does kinda look like we’re related…Dat is a CRAZY!!!

  7. Girl…that was deep…
    I tell you, as much as I wish to meet the cast one day, I seriously want to meet you GIRLZ one day!! you girls make obsessing twilight so much more fun. What would I seriously do at work without this blog. really take care of my patients…maybe, haha, just joking!
    Once again, let me plug it….if ever in Hawaii – let’s party!

  8. I relate to females very well.

    (Always have and I suppose that I always will)

    But it is official.

    This is a female ONLY blog.


    NO MA’AM

    (LMAO!!! 😉

    P.S. I have to take a trip – and soon. My days (and nights) are free.

    I simply have to get back to traveling the world.

    P.P.S. Good job on the post doowapretty! I was/am impressed! And on the BART at that?!?! HAAAAYYYYYY! ™Say it/hear it like what gay horses eat ;p

  9. So this is what a Gravatar is.


  10. gdamnit! what a way to start my morning! total WAH – i came home to an empty apt with my 2 kitties bc the bf is in japan and i had NO ONE to share my wonderful experience with except my kitties =(

    that’s a TOTALLY natural pose btw.

    i miss you all already – even if twilight does end, my search for RPatz will still continue until we’re bff’s

    so uhm… ITALY ANYONE??? =P

  11. I agree that ‘Edward ruined it for mortal men’. Sigh. I think Stephenie Meyer raised the standards guys are expected to live up to so much that you could almost feel sorry for them. After I finished reading BD (and I read the books much too fast to know the ending), I just started watching the movie over and over again. Now I’m actually reading the saga a second time, more slowly, to pay attention to the details, not just racing through it, but mostly because it takes me back to the Forks world again, and that’s a place I feel just happy at. Now I’m just looking forward to the upcoming movies (let’s hope there will be three of them) and praying Midnight Sun will come out eventually. It’s a tough life, post Twilight.

  12. so saddddddddddddd.
    went out last night for cinco de mayo and got me some margaritas.
    you ladies would be proud of my tequila skills last night.
    and when that song came on, i was like awww misss the ladies. made my bf give me his phone so i could email ya’ll.
    he then told me he’s worried i’m gonna go broke due to twilight travels, whatevs, we live once right?


  14. Yeah here is the interesting thing, the die hard twilight fans love this so much b/c there IS something missing our everyday life whether it’s a job we have, a relationship we have settled in, an illness that is slowing us down, or we see this young kids who followed their dreams and it’s coming true for them…and that is thrown in our face…just a little.

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