Edward Cullen vs Manny Pacquiao

Edward Cullen vs Manny Pacquiao

aswang is the Tagalog word for vampire.

while in Vancouver, we werent able to watch “The Fighting Pride of the Philippines” Manny Pacquaio destroy Ricky Hatton in last Saturday’s match. But please believe we were informed of his 2nd round knock out win, and proceeded to celebrate as if we were in Vegas.

I came accross this article from my friend JBeez and it had me going “hmmmmmmm”

NY Boxing Examiner Michael Marley.. has suggested that.., Manny Pacquiao ..might be afraid of the Twilight vampires, but that he thinks that he could take them.

I wonder which particular vampires Mr. Marley is referring to, because from my read of the Twilight series there’d be no chance.

Sure Pacquiao’s a great fighter, a philanthropist (richer than his own government, so he hands out food and necessities to the poor out of his own pocket), and he has a great deal of promise with his career, but take on Edward Cullen? Not so sure.

In the Twilight series, Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson in the film version) is lightning fast (and I don’t mean in the float like a butterfly sense, I mean lightning), “impossibly” strong (as Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, would say in the film version), practically made of concrete and marble, venomous, and a mind reader. So, Pacquiao’s chances against Edward? Slim to none.

read the rest of the article and pacquiao’s chances against the rest of the Cullen’s here.


4 responses to “aswang.

  1. Well, it’s one of the PACMAN HYPE that we are currently into! Hmp.

    Check some re-used photos in my blog sourcing out laughter from the hype they call MANNY PACQUIAO…

    There are some photos of PACMAN as a SUPERHERO, HOLLYWOOD STAR, TV SERIES IDOL, CUTE BABY, CELEBRITY, some STOLEN PHOTOS and some post with his TWIN SISTER.

    Just for laugh as they say and no offense! Check the link below…

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