WTFancouver according to The Mayor.


so we’ve been trying to figure out how to share our vancouver trip with u guys, cuz there are just SOOO MANY pictures to choose from and the entire trip was good.  we all wanted to give u a specific point of view so we’re each bringing u our top 5 Vancouver moments.

(p.s., as you’ll notice.. my top 5 moments have more to do with my experiences with these girls than Twilight.  more important than meeting the cast, or seeing the set, or whatever… were the laughs that made my stomach hurt, the drinks that made my liver run away, and the fun moments that exude awesomeness all around. =)

my top 5 after the jump.

5.  Aiden Shaw. — Friday morning we wake up to meet with Marina from Before the Dawn and on our way down, the elevator stops to let someone else in.   Here comes this very very tall man, with the biggest dogs (almost wolf size i swear).   the four of us WTF ladies are huge dog lovers so we start chit chatting, petting the dogs, etc etc.   The nice gentleman starts talking and i recognize his voice but i can’t figure it out.  then it hits me.  i turn to look at lawn and i guess she realizes the same thing and we start screaming silently!  (remember, keep ur composure).   Its John Corbett (aka Aiden Shaw) from Sex and the City!  [which is my all time fave TV series, 2nd being Friends].  AAAHHH!  i love tho, how we didnt even realize it was him until right when he was leaving.   also, we could barely hold it together.   imagine what we did when we saw the cast of Twilight!  haha. 

Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett

4. Photoshoot in Seattle. —  Sunday after leaving Van, we had a whole day to kill in Seattle.   So we headed to the Space Needle and had tooo muuch fuunnn taking pictures of ourselves.  we are toooo too vein. lol.













3.  Getting Ready in the Suite. — 9 girls.  1 shower.  enough said!  lol.    it took us a good amount of time to get ready  with people doing hair and makeup and outfit changes. we’re girls.  its just what we do…  i just happen to do it while singing Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” into a flat iron.  =)   my favorite is while getting ready on Saturday, I get a call from Jess to “COME. DOWN. RIGHT. NOW.”  with no makeup, and someone else’s flip flops, i jet out the suite, thru the lobby and into the street like a bat outta hell.   more deets on that story to come.  hahaha..  





























2. Club Shine. — all weekend i was itching to hit up a hip hop / reggae place cuz i was tryin to get my body movin and for the most part we were at indie / rock places. Club Shine was neither (more of a vegas, trans, progressive music type place) but it didnt stop ANY OF US from having the time of our lives.! i SWEAR i’ve never danced so hard to “oots oots” in my life.











1.  My Twilight related top 5 moment is…  BELLA’S HOUSE!  Our first stop on the Twilight Set Tour was Bella’s House and can i just say that we had too much fun acting like groupies?  lawn also did her own photoshoot with us here. hahaha…  We got to see Bella’s house (they were also filming here Friday Night), Bella’s truck and the Police Cruiser.  For the most part, the guys were pretty nice about us hanging out there and taking pictures, but one of em almost had a cow when i stepped foot onto the grass.    EEK!































Bella's house

Jacob's House

alright kiddos.  there u have my top 5.  stay tuned to hear from the other girls and get their take on our trip.   we got stories for DAYYYSSSS!!  lol.   =)


12 responses to “WTFancouver according to The Mayor.

  1. lmao that was hilarious, too busy thinking the dogs were big enough to be wolf pack stunt doubles to notice their owner was AIDEN!!!

  2. I wish i took a picture of all you guys running out with your pj’s and half makeup done faces…it was Hilarious!!!

  3. so who made out w/ Sam? luckee!!

  4. hahahhahahha – ooooh man! good times!

  5. Oh my gosh you gals are so gorgeous!!! Too fun! So did you get to meet anyone besides Sam and Mike Welch?

  6. ok seriously, why don’t i remember taking this photo? LMAO

  7. you chicas all looked sooo purrrddyyyy!!! and it looks like you all had such great memorable moments… I was inspired!!! =)

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