…on being a twilight fan

real talk.

being a set/cast stalker is some HARD HARD work! i don’t know how some of these hardcore twilight fans did it but i was totally in awe (or was i in shock?) at the dedication and thoroughness of these young girls and cougar ladies!!! seriously WTF?!

being in vancity we witnessed:

  • flocks of twilight fans jumping from set to cast member to shoot location (how the hell did they know??? its like they all received some kind of txt or something that so and so was here at this time or so and so was there at this time – it was RIDIC!)
  • as a non-vancity twi-fan resident, it was pretty obvious to spot the twi-fans in certain areas – most notably at sam bradley’s show… “girl, i KNOW you ain’t here for sam”
  • girls camping out til like 4am – does your mother know where you are??? hangin out in front of a strip club?? (yea, no joke)
  • any other things you WTFly ladies wanna add?

i’m back at work and i’m slowly trying to get my brain gears going… so i’m ending this post now until i can think of other things to write about.

thank you VANCOUVER for showing us a great time =)



ah back to reality….
I’ve got one more thing to add to this list, (I might have a few more later on but I’m working) RPatz said it himself to some of the fans he recently encountered stalking the set til 5am… “Don’t you guys have school?”
Vancity….you’re the greatest. details later once I’ve regained consciousness.



am i still alive?   cuz i swear i’m dead from exhaustion.  Vancouver all in all was a really NICE city.  like, the nicest people ever.   but when it came to the TwiHards, i felt some elbows and got some stink eyes.. lol. they dont PLAY!

oh also, they werent stingy about their information either.  while stalking the set, other twifans told us everything they knew about everything..  well.. not necessarily to US directly, but loud enough so anyone within a 10 block radius could hear.  lol.

uploading pictures now and waiting for the other gals to upload theirs so we can FINALLY blog about our adventures..

– Rach | The Mayor


wow. what a trip… long nights, early mornings and lotsa laughs. i can NOT wait to tell all of you about our adventures this past weekend. right when we thought all was lost… voila, once again my prayers, wishes, and dreams came true and I ended our trip with a big ass grin on my face!!!

thank you fancouver, thank you Sutton Hotel, thank you twi-fans and thank you to that security guard at the Sam Bradley concert… hehe!!!

stay tuned for details…

xoxo – misslawn cullen


3 responses to “…on being a twilight fan

  1. SPOILER TV! has the New Moon Script!


  2. i’m waaaaiiiiting for the full story and pictures! lol

  3. So HAPPY you guys had a great time…thank you so much for sharing all your experiences with your followers.

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