New Moon Script!

Thanks Jamie for the link!  hurry hurry hurry before this shit gets deleted!



*EMAIL WTFORKS [AT] GMAIL [DOT] COM IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE TXT VERSION (the format is wonky, but you get the idea)


41 responses to “New Moon Script!

  1. misslawncullen

    omg, how do we download this?!

  2. Me and my sister we’re trying to figure it out. But we haven’t yet. If you guys do can you please tell me.

  3. I wasn’t able to download it, but I did read through the whole thing. It looked very promising, and pretty true to the book! More so than Twilight was. My fave part was where Jacob and Bella had found crankshafts for the motorcycles… hah it was hilarious! I really hope they don’t write that off the script!

  4. I clicked on link and my computer freaked out. Let me know if anyone is able to download.

  5. oh yeah. your welcome! i’m pretty sure one of you guys would have found it sooner or later. lol.

  6. OH NO! Just came home from school and the script is gone! damn! i knew i shouldn’t haven’t gone to school today!

  7. if anyone has it can u email it to me at

  8. If someone could email me a copy I would owe you FOREVER!! =) Thanks a BUNCH

  9. could someone e-mail it to me please

  10. Could someone e-mail it to me if at all possible…


    Pretty pretty please e-mail it to me?

  12. LipsLikeSugar

    DUDE you guys are the shiiiiit for posting this! I checked your blog before I left for work the day this went up and since I didn’t have time to figure out how to save it before I left I just kept the window open all day cuz I knew shit would be gone later. I texted my girl and told her and she read it in pieces throughout her day at home with her two little ones, and texted me updates while I was at work ALL DAY!! Pretty rad! My boyfriend helped me save it (thanks boo) but I just wanted to THANK YOU WTFORKS!!! woot woot!!

  13. can you please email me the script????


  14. LipsLikeSugar

    what’s your email?

  15. Could you please email it to me as well?


  16. Hey, I wasn’t able to download it..can u it to me through e-mail please?


  17. sorry..i meant “send it”….missed a word there..opps

  18. Could I snag a copy as well?
    Please and thank you! =]

  19. Can someone please email to Thank you.

  20. could you please send it to me too….

  21. pls email the script to me too at

  22. Can you please email me the script

  23. can someone please send me the script? at :

  24. Can someone send me a copy!

  25. can anyone send me a copy plz?

  26. can someone PLEASE send me the script???


  27. can someone please send it to me please. thank you.

  28. Could someone please send this to me! I would really greatly appreciate it!!

  29. could i have a copy too please?????

  30. Oops, if anyone is soo kind here is my email:

  31. I would love a copy too!! Please send 🙂

  32. But it will be easier if you get my mail 🙂 THANKS!!!!

  33. hi, could anyone PLEASE send me a copy of it??

    i really really wanna read it!!

    please, thanks!

  34. Omg, i NEED to have this!
    If anyone could please, please, please email the script to me I would be so grateful!

  35. I forgot to leave my email, it is:

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