WWUD if…

so its been a while since we last posted a WWUD (what would u do)…

WWUD if you HAD TO CHOOSE between a LIFETIME WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER… or ONE NIGHT WITH RPATZ?!?! (or, if you’re team wolfpack, any of the other characters from the book/movie)


*i look really fat and crazy in this pic… sorry LOL

11 responses to “WWUD if…

  1. 1. u dont look fat or crazy
    2. i’d choose a lifetime with my significant other..
    cuz i’ve learned that most of my “fantasies”.. dont live up to the hype. lol. like… i’ve had crushes, and 99% of the time, when i actually start conversing w/ him, or dating him, or whatever… he is NEVER up to par with what i imagined him to be. so i’m scared RPATz will be the same. lol.
    so mike! I CHOOSE MIKE!

  2. i’d go with my edward.

    theres no guarantee rpattz is any good, or that he’d even last the night. sheesh.

  3. i’d totally choose john… and NO, i’m not saying that because i’m scared he would see this post… (half true). but you’re right rach… although, it wouldn’t hurt RPATZ if i told him to just sit there and look pretty????

    BETTER YET: sit there and act like EDWARD – YEA!

  4. I don’t have a significant other, so I would take Rpattz


    Hard one hard one…i did however watch the commentated version of the movie with rpattz, director and “bella”(yes it was long and yes i highly enjoyed it)…and i have to say rpattz is really really funny & i wud thoughly enjoy his company (with or without aspects of edward)…

    but that don’t really answer the question..i be split..but 1 night is not worth it…is it?!

  6. I’ll keep my male model lol. He can probably make R. Patz tap out anyway.

    Naw for real though, it’s the fantasy of EDWARD CULLEN I adore. I think if we had just seen “How to Be,” or the Dahli movie we would’n’t be jockin R. Patz based on that.

  7. although I think I could totes be BFFs with RPattz because he seems really fun and down to earth, I wouldn’t trade my husband for anyone…even Mr. Studmuffin-mcscruff-GQ-hottness-forever-my-pc-wallpaper-Pattinson!

  8. Awww…you ladies are the cutest…picking yo’ man over the vamp.
    Well, as a girl who has been married since she was 22 (that makes it 10 years) and who is pretty satisfied and happy with life….
    Well, I frickin’ pick the ONE NIGHTER with Rob….Anyday! I know I’d have a lifetime of regret if I passed up the opportunity. It’s like that purse or shoes you resist buying and then can never forget =0)
    Actually, my husband and I have a deal (which we got from a “Friends” episode), if we ever had a chance with one of our top five celebs, it would be a free pass. So he can have his Nat Portman and I’ll get my Rob.

  9. You women have the right idea. Have you ever actually met some of these actors???

    Complete letdown.

    I do not mean to offend anyone but…

    Think back to your high school days and who the “thespians” were.


    The only person that I have known who was EXACTLY like the person I saw on screen was Lauren Graham. She is only playing herself in roles.

    Now musicians/rappers/sangers/etc… they are 98% cool (as most can attest). But then again, it can also be because I can talk until the sun comes up (have to hide before people see my ‘diamond’ like appearance in the sun 😉 about music so… mutual interest?

    So if you could date Edward… you would (sorry bf’s). RPatz (is that how you type it out… LOL!)?

    Probably not.

    (P.S. Never met Kristen Stewart… but she seems as awkward in life just as her character)

  10. I’d have to say I’d go with my Rob.

    I do love Edward…but he isn’t real…

    but then again, me & my dude have a deal, and Edward/Rpatz is on my list.

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