Oh My Edward, Oh My Mike..

Jess put me on to this blog post by a TwiHard husband.   and it almost had me in tears.  here’s a man who supports his wife 100%,  instead of rolling his eyes at her.   And although our men have decided to blog about us, we know they’re in the same boat.   Blessed!!!

[and seriously, this guy has it on point.  because of Twilight i’ve come across some of the most amazing people of my life!  it almost makes me wanna jump for joy..  its changed my life in more ways than one, and this blog speaks volumes to me!]

Ultimately, Twilight (at least for my wife) is about FRIENDS. It’s about LIVING a life. It’s about having NO REGRETS.

Over the past few months, my wife has made a great collection of friends all because of their common interest in Twilight. These women are sexy, beautiful (trust me, I’ve seen their photos), intelligent, accomplished individuals. They are single moms, teachers, photographers, artists, cupcake bakers, real estate agents, writers, and much more. All of them are fun, the type of people you would want to hang out with. And all of them want to hang out with each other. They support each other.

Having friends who flatter you, support you, and want nothing more than to hang out with you has an incredible effect on a person’s self-image. My wife feels betters about herself. She is happier than she has been in ages. She is creating things. She is sexier. And I swear she is getting younger. She is staying up later, acting sillier, and taking life a lot less seriously. In short, she is becoming a lot more interesting.

please please PLEASE read this to ur men.  i know i’m taping this to the toilet seat later on tonight.   let him blog about this one…  =)  i beg of him.


8 responses to “OME, OMM

  1. misslawncullen

    awwww, Bam is sooooo awesome to say those things about me 🙂 lol

  2. HAHAHAHHAHAHA – seriously – this guy is GREAT!

  3. that is sweet, and thank god for all of us twilight fans.

    Makes me wish I had someone, like that!

    Very sweet!

  4. LOL LOL, i just read the fuck the forks blog and it is hilarious even if they dislike twilight!!!! i love it as much as i love wtforks!

  5. rach. stop. we both know mike nor kyle would EVER write this type of shit lol. it’s TOUGH LOVE for the bofe of us lol.


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