Emily Browning as Bella Swan?

Before Twilight was what it is now, actress Emily Browning was asked to audition for (Not be) the role of Bella Swan but filming for her role in The Uninvited created a schedule conflict. I can definitely see the Bella Swan in her BUT I still like the cast as it currently is and not just because I’ve been conditioned already. But because I like the way Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson look together more than Emily Browning and Henry Cavil (Or even Emily with R. Pat).

What do u think?


6 responses to “Emily Browning as Bella Swan?

  1. I like the combo of KStew & RPattz. I just don’t think it would be the same if it were other people playing Bella & Edward.

  2. ALSO – emily brown is WAY too pretty for her own good – did you see her in that movie with jim carrey with that long title that i refuse to google right now? lol

  3. i think k.stew pulls off bella (awkward and clumsy) very well. emily browning looks so.. graceful.

  4. He looks too old for her. She is exactly what I would not want Bella to look like. Bella is delicate enough, Kristen’s look gives her some edge and I really love that about Kristen.

  5. i think emily would’ve made a great bella!
    i don’t think kristen and robert match at all!
    kristen is such a bad actress…

  6. emily should have been bella. bella is not emo or tough looking or has a manly voice like kristen. also lip biting, eye twitching and stuttering are so not bella kristen! which are what kristen did the whole 2 hours of the film.

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