Twilight’s Real-Life Romances.

Kristen Stewart and her non-fiction Edward Cullen (I’m positive she’d HATE that description LOL), Michacel Angarano, were caught playing around in the streets of Vancouver over the weekend and look absolutely adorable doing so! I love seeing these two together, especially since Kristen seems to evoke genuine emotion around him. P.S. Judging by Kristen’s legs, she’s already a Cullen.

And while it IS very possible that Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez are just “friends,” aren’t we all hoping they’re more than that?

More Kristen and Michael pics here and more Taylor and Selena pics here!


5 responses to “Twilight’s Real-Life Romances.

  1. holy fuck she’s hella white. hahaha

  2. Taylor and Selena are too cute together! :]

  3. OME! I swear to you I thought those were socks! LOL – she is paler than a Cullen.

  4. i only remember michael angarano in will & grace…lol

  5. omg i hate michael angarano kristen needs to dump his ass and go with robert they actually look good together and come on there is such chemistry between rob and kristen.

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