seriously, fckthefork?!

so you all know that Mr. Doowaditty started our nemesis blog, F*ck The Forks?!….

Well, it looks like my husband, Mr. Mayor co-signed on that shit, too!  
[a lil background bout my hubby, he’s a singer/songwriter/producer and i call him “The Mayor” because he knows everyone.  seriously, i cannot go anywhere without him knowing SOMEONE.  hawaii, vegas, he international!] 

Fuck what we say. cause we can’t win!!! so we post like they post, but this time about them………… till we meet again. say it loud and proud FUCK THE FORKS….

um, love u too babe!  lol.  p.s. pls dont mind the misspelled words, he’s typing from his bb.   =)

7 responses to “seriously, fckthefork?!

  1. no he really does know everyone. i swear he does. lol.

  2. Umm last time I checked vegas and hawaii are still in the. US.. Hahaha sorry rach, was bored and had 2 bother u on that one…

  3. I have to say…LOVE the blog though. I tell you…you peeps are the most entertaining bunch. Well, when in Hawaii, hit me up!!

  4. Who is the mayor?


    Need to hear some of his work!

  5. Oh sorry…

    The Mayor!

    (Caps yo… lol!)

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